One of the biggest pre-season moves in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil Season 2 (MPL BR Season 2) happened when RRQ announced its expansion to Brazil with RRQ Akira.

Indonesian-based esports organization RRQ is known for its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team, RRQ Hoshi who have three championship titles under their belt.

With the organization’s arrival in Brazil, RRQ owner Andrian Pauline Husen firmly believes that this move is in the right direction.

RRQ’s CEO talks about his expectations for RRQ Akira in MPL BR Season 2

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship MPL BR representative Keyd Stars with Luiizz, Kiing, and Tekashi
Credit: Mobile Legends Esports

In an interview with ONE Esports, Husen mentioned it has always been in their plan to expand outside Southeast Asia.

“After some consideration we thought that Brazil is very suitable for our expansion plan. We also discussed with a lot of partners such as Garena, MOONTON Games, Nimo and many more before we decided to go to Brazil,” he said.

He also stated that the development of the competitive scene in Brazil is “very promising”, considering that Brazil has one of the largest number of mobile gamers in the LATAM region.

Many former Keyd Stars pro players joined RRQ Akira, where they previously finished second at MPL BR Season 1. The team received a direct invite for MPL BR Season 2, and are confirmed to compete in the tournament.

Husen’s expectations for RRQ Akira

MPL BR Season 2 new team, RRQ Akira announcement

Husen said he is open to the possibility of Indonesian players or coaches playing for RRQ Akira, and Brazilian players going to Indonesia to play for RRQ Hoshi vice versa.

As for the team’s management, he is putting all his trust on the managing the team to the Brazilians, but is considering sending in people from Indonesia to help.

“If necessary, yes we can consider that option. But for now, they already have their own manager and coach, so we will see in the future what can we add to the team,” Husen said. “We hope the future will be bright for our expansion in Brazil.”

When asked about what’s the organization’s initial target for MPL BR Season 2, RRQ’s CEO stated just one word–“Champion.”

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