Ronin Esports is the next team headed to the Quarterfinals after they defeating EVOS SG today, eliminating the last Singaporean team left in the ONE Esports MPL Invitational. 

Game One

Ronin Esports started hot in the first few minutes of the game all thanks to an unorthodox Baxia jungle pick for Naomi that applied pressure in every corner of the battlefield. JustiN was also getting a few kills in the early game which elevated their lead even further.

Ronin Esports had a huge lead of 13-4 at the 10 minute mark, and also had full control of the map and buffs. EVOS SG had a few bright spots but were unable to capitalize as the Myanmar squad had a significant gold and item advantage.

Ronin Esports clean swept all members of EVOS SG at the 17-minute mark which opened up the base of the Singaporean squad, as they cruised to a 1-0 lead.

Game Two

In game two, EVOS SG immediately fared better as they raced out to a 5-0 lead in just under four minutes. They were also able to acquire a whopping 6k gold lead at the 5-minute mark.

Ronin Esports managed to keep the game competitive, coming back with four kills on EVOS SG, but the Singaporean squad wouldn’t back down and managed to secure the Lord buff, letting them pressure Ronin’s lanes.

A crucial rally in the 12-minute mark was the final nail in the coffin as EVOS equalized the score at 1-1.

Game Three

Game three saw the Myanmar-based squad start strong in the first few minutes of the game, utilizing the same strat they did in the first game of the series, as they maintained constant pressure in all lanes to get the early kills.

EVOS SG couldn’t find a good opening as Naomi’s Jawhead also applied pressure and pick-offs, which resulted in Ronin Esports controlling the majority of the map.

At the 12-minute mark, Ronin Esports secured a wipeout but was unable to finish the game. However, shortly after, they regrouped, took the Lord and returned to EVOS SG’s base to end the series, 2-1.

Ronin Esports will now face MPL MM champions, Burmese Ghouls, in a rematch of the MPL MM final next Saturday.

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