The ONE Esports MPL Invitational started off hot with a thrilling match between Myanmar’s Ronin Esports and the Philippines’ Execration.

While Execration was heavily favored going into the match, Ronin stunned everyone with an exciting reverse sweep as they advance in the tournament.

Game One

Execration made quick work of Ronin in the first game, as they controlled the tempo all throughout the match. The veteran trio of Ch4knu and rookies Mark and Kelraaa proved to be too much for Ronin as they were able to pick off crucial kills and objectives with ease.

Execration’s domination started when Ch4knu’s Chou got a double kill after invading Ronin’s red buff camp two minutes into the game. After the short skirmish, Execration maintained map pressure and went on to widen the lead.

In the 8th minute mark, Ronin tried to match the pace of Execration and contested the turtle buff. They went on to secure the buff but lost two of their own in the process. Execration then continued roaming around the map and securing objectives.

Ronin ultimately faltered in the 16th minute as Execration’s firepower was too much. The match ended with a score of 16-3. Mark’s Ling was hailed as the player of the match after a 5/0/4 performance.

Game Two

In game two, despite facing elimination, Ronin refused to quit, and instead swapped to a more aggressive strategy led by Saber and Jawhead. Conversely, Execration decided to slow things by choosing Pharsha, Lunox, and Lancelot.

Ronin’s more aggressive strategy paid off as they immediately pushed the tempo right from the start, picking up key pick offs and keeping Execration from getting into the game.

At 14 minutes, Ronin managed to secure the inner turret and four minutes later, Execration were forced to concede, tying the score at 1-1.

Game Three

In the deciding game, Execration went with an aggressive lineup with Lancelot, Benedetta, and X Borg as their main damage dealers. On the other hand, Ronin went with their comfort picks of Vale and Akai.

It was a back-and-forth affair between two teams as both traded kills and objectives in the early game. It was Execration who managed to get early kills but the duo of Ronin’s Naomi and JustiN maintained composure and went on to pick off some members of Execration.

Ronin focused on objectives, allowing them to secure three Lords at the 12th and 17th minute mark. This proved to be the turning point in the match as Ronin managed to slowly push Execration in their base.

In the final team fight to secure the third Lord, Ronin came out with three kills. They then pushed further into the Execration base and eventually destroyed the base, completing the reverse sweep against the favorites in 25 minutes.

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