The Phantom Pirate skin for Roger, one of his oldest, has been given a new look — making him look like one of the world’s most

The original skin, released in 2018, presented Roger as a fearsome creature with teal skin and piercing purple eyes.

However, the revamped version features him in a more human-like appearance, marking a drastic change from the original.

Preview of Phantom Pirate Roger Epic skin and its skill effects

The revamped Phantom Pirate skin retains its signature aesthetic through Roger’s gray robe with silver edges and eerie, glowing mist emitting from parts of his clothing.

Despite the more human-like appearance, the bright glow in his eyes hints at the persistence of corruption within him.

His iconic sawed-off shotgun has also undergone notable improvements and now has intricate designs carved around the barrel.

Phantom Pirate Roger skin skill, Open Fire
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Roger’s skill effects have also been improved in the revamp. In his human form, his basic attacks now fire purple bullets.

His basic attacks in wolf form leave a purple trail, as does his main damaging skill, Lycan Pounce. The trail of Lycan Pounce glows brighter the more enemies it catches.

Phantom Pirate Roger skin, Phantom Howl
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

When Bloodthirsty Howl is activated, a menacing-looking wolf spirit appears on top of Roger, which can be particularly intimidating if you’re facing him with low HP.

The skin will be available for purchase in the in-game shop on March 21.

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