The next hero to heat up the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s Blazing West is Claude, which adds a sixth skin to his collection. With his partner Dexter, they’re seen wearing bright red shoulder drapes as they terrorize the town.

Construed as elusive, witty, humorous, optimistic, and resourceful, these adjectives describe Claude’s personality perfectly. A thief through and through, the skin trailer opens with Claude tossing a coin into the air.

According to the story, Claude and Kane, the big bad boss of Los Pecados where the Blazing West event takes place, have always been plotting against each other.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Adorning a bright red cape and bandana while keeping his super gelled brown hair, Blazing Trace Claude looks more like he stepped out of an anime than the Wild Wild West. To up his fashion game, there is even a big skull necklace around his neck to add attitude.

His partner, Dexter, looks much more on point with the theme with his classic cowboy hat and straw in mouth.

Like all the other Blazing Bounties skins, Blazing Trace Claude’s skill effects take it up a notch. His glowing orange gun appears to be very combustible and produces a lot of flames with every skill use. His ultimate, Blazing Duet, even produces puffs of fire similar to those that appear above industrial oil plants.

Blazing Trace Claude will be available in-game soon.

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