The eighth and final week of MPL PH S6 has wrapped up with some unexpected upsets on the leaderboard. While Aura was poised to be the top seed from Group A, Execration managed to garner the most points and beat the MPL champs by just one point. As for group B, Bren easily ended the season in first place with 34 points.


  • Bren Esports 2 – 1 Cignal Ultra
  • Blacklist International 0 – 2 Execration
  • Omega 2 – 0 BSB
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Aura PH
  • Onic PH 2 – 0 Cignal Ultra
  • Nexplay Solid 0 – 2 Cignal Ultra
  • Execration 1 – 2 Omega
  • Blacklist International 0 – 2 Bren Esports
  • Aura PH 0 – 2 Onic PH

Match of the week: Onic PH vs Aura PH

Despite having a turbulent performance throughout the eight weeks, Onic PH defied expectations with a season-ending upset over Aura PH.

With game one, both teams opted for scrappy kills during the laning phase rather than initiating bigger team fights. While Aura had more kills on their side, Onic quickly retaliated by a swift ambush at turtle that ended with two more kills on their side.

With two back-to-back Lords and only two towers left standing on Aura’s side, Onic PH took the advantage with a three-way split-push. After a catch on Killuash, OhMyV33nus and the rest of ONIC easily crowd controlled Aura inside their base and ushered in the Lord into the base inhibitor.

Game two showcased a stronger start from Onic PH, getting more aggressive with some heavy hits with Jawhead and Khaleed. By the fifth minute, Onic already broke two turrets and had eight kills on the board.

Aside from the solid map control and split-pushing, Onic managed to pick up Lord to assist in breaking Aura’s final line of defense. With two base turrets already down, the yellow hedgehog team countered a Lord ambush and went straight into the base to complete the sweep.

Player of the week: Omega’s Hadjizy

While the team has finished second in group B right behind Bren, Omega is a bonafide powerhouse in MPL PH. With a week full of wins to end the season, jungler/carry Hadjizy was the spearhead to Omega’s success in the Land of Dawn.

In their last match against Execration, Hadjizy played a perfect kill-confirm controller with Ling. While he didn’t rack up as much kills as he usually does, the Ling player bounced back and forth from turret to heroes to easily secure their first game of the series.


Group A

  1. Execration (25)
  2. Aura PH (24)
  3. Blacklist International (22)
  4. Nexplay Solid (16)
  5. Blu Fire (2)

Group B

  1. Bren Esports (34)
  2. Omega (27)
  3. Onic PH (24)
  4. Cignal Ultra (15)
  5. BSB (6)

The MPL PH S6 Playoffs will happen on October 22-25.

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