The MPL Philippines Season 6 concluded its fourth week with some incredible plays from its lesser known teams. While Aura PH and Bren Esports continue to win, Blacklist International defied expectations with victories over Execration and Onic PH.


  • Bren Esports 2 – 0 Cignal Ultra
  • Blacklist Int’l 2 – 1 Execration
  • BSB 0 – 2 Omega
  • Aura 2 – 0 Blu Fire
  • Cignal Ultra 1 – 2 Onic PH
  • Nexplay Solid 0 – 2 Omega
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 BSB
  • Blacklist Int’l 2 – 0 Onic PH

Match of the week: Blacklist Int’l vs. Onic PH

Blacklist International turned heads this weekend with an incredible upset over Onic PH. Despite being the lesser-known team, Blacklist and their rookie, Full Clip, delivered some nasty plays to take down the superteam.

In Game 1, Blacklist drafted a tanky composition with Yu Zhong and Atlas. Interestingly enough, Full Clip used Yi Sun-Shin as more of a front-liner who took down towers, while Eson used Atlas’ Fatal Links to score quick picks.

As they snowballed into the 10-minute mark, Blacklist and their Lord marched down the top lane. With Onic ready to defend as a team, Eson flickered in and initiated a three-man Fatal-Links that demolished their last line of defense, which gave the rest of Blacklist free hits on the base.

Game two saw similar efforts from Blacklist, as they focused on taking down towers and getting quick kills to gain the gold lead. Once they secured Lord, Blacklist quickly came knocking on the gates of Onic’s base.

Onic was able to defend the first attack with a defensive Mountain Shocker, but with all of their towers gone, Full Clip’s Lancelot easily dashed and slashed his way through the base inhibitor to complete the sweep.

Player of the week: Omega’s Hadjizy

Omega was another team that found some solid success in Week 4, all thanks to their marksman Hadjizy. The player managed to earn three out of four MVP awards in their matches against BSB and Nexplay Solid.

In their first game against BSB, Hadjizy’s Roger was a defiant lane-pusher that took every over-extension as a chance to eliminate BSB’s members. In a top lane 3v1 clash, Toshi was able to hold off his enemies just in time for Hadjizy to pounce on them for an instant triple-kill.


Group A

  1. Aura (14)
  2. Blacklist Intl (13)
  3. Execration (10)
  4. Nexplay Solid (7)
  5. Blu Fire (1)

Group B

  1. Bren Esports (17)
  2. Omega (13)
  3. Onic (9)
  4. BSB (6)
  5. Cignal Ultra (6)

Week 5 of MPL PH will start on September 18 with Blu Fire against Nexplay Solid, and Onic PH going up against the undefeated Bren Esports.

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