The MPL PH S6 Playoffs has wrapped up its semifinals with the league’s best teams going head-to-head for a shot at the MPL championship. While Execration and Onic PH fought their hardest, Bren Esports and Omega came out as the final victors in their respective series and earned their slot in the grand final.


Hadjizy and the Omega squad were attentive playmakers during their semifinal series against Execration. But after securing a game one win, OMG faltered in countering Execration’s faster-paced composition with the likes of Hate’s Roger and S4gitnu’s Yu Zhong.

After EXE tied up the series at 1-1, Omega went back to the drawing board and found their opponents’ weaknesses even if EXE got their preferred draft picks. Easily countering Bennyqt’s Roger and Ch4knu’s Khaleed with a global composition of Yi Sun-Shin and Pharsa, Omega had total map control and left no room for Execration to pull off a proper flank.

By game three, Hadjizy’s YSS focused mainly on getting gold from objectives and stacking up his kills. With a kill on the overextending Ch4knu and Hate, OMG claimed the Lord and marched down the mid-lane to end the series with an incredible 3-1 standing.

Bren Esports

Pheww and his crew had a bloodbath of a series against the championship-hungry team of Onic PH. While KarlTzy was on a comfort pick of Ling, he still struggled to penetrate Onic’s tanky frontline of Dlar’s Barats, Iy4knu’s Thamuz, and Jay’s Jawhead.

In the final minutes of game one, Pheww’s Luo Yi and Lusty’s Khaleed sacrificed themselves to provide KarlTzy with the perfect opening to slash through Onic’s low-health heroes. With Ribo’s Esmeralda and FlapTzy’s Yu Zhong keeping the remaining defenders busy, KarlTzy destroyed the base inhibitor for the series’ first win.

With Bren on championship point in game three, Pheww and his crew took bigger risks. But they were properly punished by Onic PH early on. Bren managed to turn things around after KarlTzy getting caught out around the eight minute, with Ribo’s Uranus and Lusty’s Baxia doing some AoE damage.

To close out the series with a sweep, Bren managed to take the gold lead with a few more kills and a claim on the Lord. By the 13-minute mark, KarlTzy and his crew stormed the base with Lord and managed to get a satisfying wipeout before taking down the final base inhibitor.

The final day of MPL PH S6 Playoffs happens today (October 25). You can catch the grand final between Omega and Bren Esports on the official MLBB YouTube Channel.

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