The MPL PH S6 Playoffs have finally begun and fans are able to see the eight best teams of the Philippines showcase their post-season form. While Execration and Omega managed to conquer Day 1, Bren Esports and Onic PH dominated Nexplay Solid and Aura PH respectively in Day 2 to move on to the semifinals.

Bren Esports

As the top team in the regular season, Pheww and his crew continued their incredible gameplay in their match against Nexplay Solid. Despite having to go against one of the best carries of the league in H2wo, Bren Esports fared well with their calculated skirmishes.

In the final moments of game one, NXP singled out Lusty’s Jawhead for the quick 4v5 advantage. While their quick tactics were a solid solution to protect their open base, KarlTzy came through with an astonishing savage kill-streak and claimed a win for the side of Bren.

Even with two stomped out games by Bren, NXP held on in the final game of the series. With H2wo on a preferred pick of Lancelot and Renejay now on Esmeralda, the duo became an early-game menace against Bren. With the rest of NXP doing some great crowd control with Jawhead and Yu Zhong, Renejay and H2wo timed their entries into the clash for the final blows.

While NXP’s surprise skirmishes worked well for the first ten minutes, Bren eventually caught onto their strategies and countered it with a more aggressive offense. KarlTzy played a more behind-the-scenes role with Leomord, while Pheww’s Selena and Ribo’s support X.Borg were able to rack up kills to claim the gold lead.

In Bren’s final push into NXP’s base, KarlTzy dove straight into the enemy team and managed to kill Renejay’s Esmeralda and open up the clash for his team. With only one tower left standing for H2wo and his squad, the rest of Bren dogpiled onto the remaining defenders and ended the series sweep with a classic wipeout.

Onic PH

While their regular season run was riddled with losses, Onic PH defied expectations with a 3-0 win against rivals and defending MPL champions Aura PH.

In game one, both sides were playing mainly for map objectives to take the lead in the late-game phase. While Aura’s team composition went for an all-in playstyle with Jawhead and Yu Zhong, the team easily got punished by OhMyV33nus’ Pharsa and Wise’s Yi Sun-Shin.

To close out the series in game three, Onic stuck to OhMyV33nus’ mage picks as their go-to damage output. Rounding off their composition with two chase-down heroes in Roger and Khaleed and two tanks in Baxia and Hilda, the Yellow Hedgehog team easily disrupted Jaypee’s farming.

With Jaypee’s Claude shut down by Jay’s lingering Hilda, the rest of Onic took every opportunity for a quick 2v1 in the side-lanes. As they racked up the kills, Onic managed to kill Baron with no contest and storm the base for an insane wipeout and the series sweep.

Day 3 MPL PH S6 Playoff action is currently ongoing. Catch the matches live on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang YouTube channel.

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