Mobile Legends patch 1.7.82 is now live, and it’s one of the most significant updates this year.

This patch introduces a multitude of heroes and battlefield changes, just in time for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023) next month.

This update introduces mage hero Novaria, who has long-range damage capabilities and the ability to provide vision across a wide area.

Additionally, 20 heroes have undergone changes in patch 1.7.82, including Minotaur, Hylos, and Alpha, which will definitely shake up the meta.

Mobile Legends patch 1.7.82 introduces mage hero Novaria

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Novaria
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Passive – Star Trail

  • Astral Spheres summoned by Novaria will continuously slow nearby enemies and reveal their positions, and deal magic damage when they explode.

First skill – Astral Meteor

  • Novaria summons an Astral Sphere at the target location that deals damage over time. The sphere will explode after 2s, dealing additional damage and slowing enemies significantly.

Second skill – Astral Recall

  • Novaria summons an Astral Sphere at the target location and draws it to her while she gains movement speed and the ability to pass through the terrain.
  • When the Astral Sphere reaches Novaria, she can fire it in the target direction, dealing Magic Damage that scales with the sphere’s total travel distance.

Ultimate – Astral Echo

  • Novaria scatters Astral Echo in the target direction, slowing enemies hit and applying an Astral Ring on them that increases their hitbox and reveals their surrounding area.

Patch 1.7.82 hero adjustments


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang revamped Minotaur splash art, patch 1.5.88
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Rage Incarnate

  • Effect Revamp: Applying a control effect to an enemy will reduce their hybrid defense. Healing an ally with skill will increase their hybrid defense for two seconds
  • These effects are doubled in Enraged State

Skill 1 – Despair Stomp

  • Cooldown increased from 8-5.5s to 12-9.5s
  • Removed the attack speed reduction on enemies’ effect
  • Duration of enhanced basic attack and movement speed reduction on enemies decreased from 3s to 2s

Skill 2 – Motivation Roar

  • Cooldown decreased from 12-9.5s to 10-7.5s
  • Removed the Attack Speed bonus effect

Ultimate – Minoan Fury

  • Rage has been removed. Minotaur now enters the Enraged state immediately and starts smashing the ground upon using the Ultimate
  • Cooldown adjusted from 50-40s to 60-50s
  • Cooldown starts after the Enraged state ends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Hylos
Credit: Moonton


  • Base HP decreased from 2,909 to 2,709

Skill 1 – Law and Order

  • Skill Revamp: Hylos now gains 50% movement speed which decays over 3s
  • During this time, his basic attacks are enhanced and will stun the first enemy hit for 1s and knock them back slightly

Skill 2 – Ring of Punishment

  • Base damage decreased from 100-300 to 100-250

Ultimate – Glorious Pathway

  • Slow Revamp: Using the ultimate now immediately slows all enemies by 75% for 1 second
  • Afterward, the field will continue to slow enemies by 25%


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, General Void Alpha
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Beta, Advance!

  • Revamped Effect: Beta will lock on to an enemy after hitting them twice
  • Whenever Alpha attacks a target that Beta is locked onto, Beta will follow up with a laser attack that deals damage and briefly slows the target
  • Beta’s laser damage: 80 (+8 per level) (+100% total physical attack) true damage

Skill 1 – Rotary Impact

  • Greatly reduced the time it takes for Beta to attack
  • Base Damage decreased from 200-300 (+90% extra physical attack) to 100-200 (+90% extra physical attack)
  • Strafe damage adjusted from 100-150 (+30% extra physical attack) physical damage to 60-120 (+30% extra physical attack) true damage

Skill 2 – Force Swing

  • Strafe damage adjusted from 125-175 (+30% extra physical attack) physical damage to 60-120 (+30% extra physical attack) true damage

Ultimate – Alpha, Charge!

  • Increased the speed of Alpha’s leap
  • Leap damage removed
  • Landing Damage increased from 200-400 (+80% extra physical attack) to 250-500 (+100% extra physical attack)
  • Beta’s damage adjusted from 25-35 (+60% extra physical attack) physical damage to 15-30 (+30% extra Physical attack) true damage


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Bane
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Shark Bite

  • Damage adjusted from 135%-170% total physical attack to 100% Total Physical Attack + 5% – 8% of target’s Max HP (scales with level, and can deal up to 500 damage to Creeps)

Skill 1 – Crab Claw Cannon

  • Bounce damage increased from 150% at all levels to 150%-200%
  • The projectile’s damage no longer increases after eliminating a target
  • Cooldown increased from 6-4s to 8-6s
  • Cooldown reduction for every 100 physical attacks increased from 5% to 8%

Skill 2 – Ale

  • Base HP recovered decreased from 200-300 to 200 at all levels
  • Percentage of lost HP recovered increased from 6% + (2.5% total magic power) to 5-10% + (1.5% total magic power)


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Silvanna 
Credit: Moonton

Skill – Spiral Strangling

  • Pull Direction changed from to the center to her lance
  • Slightly increased the pull effect

Ultimate – Imperial Justice

  • New Effect: Silvanna can now use Flicker while leaping


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mighty Guardian Gatotkaca skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Steel Bones

  • Slightly increased the cast range of his Enhanced Basic Attacks and they now allow him to perform a short dash to the target


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter hero Phoveus
Credit: Moonton

Ultimate – Demonic Force

  • Slightly reduced his Ultimate’s initial delay


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Carmilla
Credit: Moonton

Ultimate – Vermeil Shadow

  • Cooldown increased from 48-40s to 60-44s
  • Immobilizing time increased from 0.4s to 0.8s
  • Slow effect while casting increased from 30% to 50%


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Energy Wave

  • Damage increased from 300-525 +130% magic power to 400-625 +100% magic power

Ultimate – Violet Requiem

  • Damage adjusted from 650-910 +500% magic power to 880-1,320 +385% Magic Power


Skill 1 – Ionic Edge

  • Base damage increased from 125-200 (+30% total magic power) to 155-255 (+30% total magic power)


Ultimate – I am You

  • Valentina’s ultimate cooldown will be 1.2x/1.1x/1x the starting cooldown of the ultimate she steals (when her Ultimate is Lv.1/2/3)
  • The cooldown cannot go below 10s


Skill 1 – Revenge Strike

  • The slow effect decreased from 30% to 15%
  • Duration increased from 3s to 3.5s

Ultimate – Penalty Zone

  • Improved the performance of the Ultimate when cast near an obstacle


Skill 2 – Vengeance

  • Base damage decreased from 160-360 to 135-335
  • HP Restored decreased from 7%-12% to 5%-10%


Passive – Humph, Joy’s Angry!

  • Max movement speed boost decreased from 100% to 60%

Skill 2 – Meow, Rhythm of Joy!

  • Base Shield decreased from 130 (at all levels) to 80-130

Ultimate – Ha, Electrifying Beats!

  • Cooldown increased from 28-22s to 40-24s


Skill 1 – Shadow Stampede

  • Hybrid defense decreased from 50-100 to 25-50

Ultimate – Cult Altar

  • Base HP in Specter State decreased from 600-800 to 400-800
  • Cooldown increased from 80-70s to 80s (at all levels)


Skill 1 – Energy Transformation

  • Damage decreased from 30 + (23%-28% physical attack) + (25%-30% magic power) to 20 + (22%-27% physical attack) + (24%-29% magic power)


Enhanced Skill 2 – Storm Sword

  • Damage reduction per hit decreased from 15% to 10%


Passive – Wrath Sanction

  • Damage reduction decreased from 5% to 3%
  • Max stacks increased from 4 to 8
  • Duration increased from 4s to 5s


Special skill

  • Cooldown increased from 23s to 30s


Passive Skill – Stick, Stick

  • Damage reduction per stack decreased from 8% to 6%

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.82 battlefield changes

Hero roles

  • Jungler creep gold increase increased from 60% to 65%
  • Gold lane siege minion gold increase decreased from 53% to 45%

Patch 1.7.82 equipment changes

Golden Staff

  • Physical attack decreased from 65 to 55

War Axe

  • Physical Attack increased from 35 to 40
  • Marksman/Mage/Support effects: These have been adjusted to the normal 50%, for ease of understanding

Demon Hunter Sword

  • Slightly reduced its power against units with high HP
  • Current HP-based damage decreased from 9% to 8%

Cursed Helmet

  • Damage increase to minions and creeps decreased from 210%-350% to 140%-350%

Molten Essence

  • Damage increase to minions and creeps decreased from 210%-350% to 140%-350%
  • Damage Bonus decreased from 0.8% of Max HP to 0.6% of Max HP

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