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Who’s ready to witness the next set of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang stars in the Philippines?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League Philippines Season 1 (MDL PH Season 1) kicks off on February 15.

New and familiar faces will compete in the league. Kiel “OHEB” Soriano will spearhead Blacklist International’s MDL team, while Kiel VJ “Kielvj” Cruzem will lead Smart Omega’s representative.

Former stars who have taken a break in MPL such as former Bren Esports’ Carlito “Dii Ribo” Ribo and Joshwell Christian “Iy4knu” Manaog will also make a return to pro play, this time with ZOL Esports.

Here’s everything you need to know about the development league’s inaugural season, including its schedule, format, and where to watch.

What is MDL PH Season 1?

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League is the second official league in the Philippines hosted by Moonton. Ten teams, eight of which are the sister teams of MPL teams, will compete for the US$20,000 prize pool.

This is the second MDL after MDL Indonesia, which is now in its seventh season.

MDL PH Season 1 format

MDL Philippines Season 1 (MDL PH)
Credit: Moonton

In the regular season and playoffs, the games will be played in a best-of-three, round-robin format. The grand finals will be played in a best-of-five showdown.

The league allows mid-season transfers of athletes and coaches starting February 20 at 10 a.m., until March 27 at 6 p.m. 

A player that has been transferred to another league may not go back to their league of origin once the transfer has been finalized.

A player may only transfer from their MDL team to their MPL team up to three (3) times per season. However, MPL to MDL transfers are unlimited per season, provided the roster will not go below the player minimum (5 starters and 1 substitute) and may not go beyond the maximum (5 starters and 5 substitutes).

MDL PH Season 1 playoff schedule

MDL PH Season 1 playoffs bracket
Credit: Moonton

April 21 (Friday)

Blacklist Academy2 – 0RSG Ignite
Bren x Euphoria Esports2 – 1Smart Omega Neos

RSG Ignite and Smart Omega Neos have been eliminated.

April 22 (Saturday)

GameLab2 – 0Blacklist Academy
ECHO Proud2 — 0Bren x Euphoria Esports

Blacklist Academy and Bren x Euphoria Esports have been eliminated.

April 23 (Sunday)

GameLab1 — 3ECHO Proud

ECHO Proud wins!

MDL ID Season 1 schedule

MDL PH Season 1 casters
Credit: Moonton

Week 1

February 15

RSG Ignite0 — 2Gamelab
ONIC Arsenals2 — 0Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub
BREN x Euphoria Esports2 — 0ZOL Esports
TNC Neo2 — 0Smart Omega Neos

February 16

Gamelab2 — 0ONIC Arsenals
Blacklist Academy1 — 2RSG Ignite
ZOL Esports1 — 2Smart Omega Neos
ECHO Proud2 — 0BREN x Euphoria Esports

February 17

Blacklist Academy2 — 1TNC Neo
Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub2 — 1ECHO Proud
Gamelab 2 — 0ZOL Esports

Week 2

February 21

ONIC Arsenals2 — 1Blacklist Academy
Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub0 — 2Gamelab
Smart Omega Neos2 — 1ECHO Proud
TNC Neos2 — 1ZOL Esports

February 22

Blacklist Academy2 — 0Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub
RSG Ignite2 — 0ONIC Arsenals
ECHO Proud2 — 0TNC Neo
BREN x Euphoria Esports2 — 1Smart Omega Neos

February 23

RSG Ignite1 — 2ZOL Esports
Gamelab2 — 0BREN x Euphoria Esports
Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub2 — 1Smart Omega Neos

Week 3

February 28

Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub0 — 2RSG Ignite
Gamelab1 — 2Blacklist Academy
TNC Neo1 — 2BREN x Euphoria Esports
ZOL Esports1 — 2ECHO Proud

March 1

Gamelab1 — 2RSG Ignite
Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub0 — 2ONIC Arsenals
ZOL Esports0 — 2BREN x Euphoria Esports
TNC Neo0 — 2Smart Omega Neos

March 2

Blacklist International0 — 2ECHO Proud
ONIC Arsenals1 — 2Smart Omega Neos
RSG Ignite2 — 0TNC Neo

Week 4

March 7

ONIC Arsenals0 — 2Gamelab
RSG Ignite0 — 2Blacklist Academy
Smart Omega Neos2 — 0ZOL Esports
BREN x Euphoria Esports1 — 2ECHO Proud

March 8

Blacklist Academy2 — 0ONIC Arsenals
Gamelab0 — 2Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub
ECHO Proud2 — 0Smart Omega Neos
ZOL Esports1 — 2TNC Neo

March 9

RSG Ignite2 — 1BREN x Euphoria Esports
Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub2 — 0TNC Neo
ONIC Arsenals0 — 2ECHO Proud

Week 5

March 14

Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub2 — 1Blacklist Academy
ONIC Arsenals2 — 1RSG Ignite
TNC Neo0 — 2ECHO Proud
Smart Omega Neos2 — 1BREN x Euphoria Esports

March 15

RSG Ignite1 — 2Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub
Blacklist International0 — 2Gamelab
BREN x Euphoria Esports2 — 0TNC Neo
ECHO Proud2 — 0ZOL Esports

March 16

Gamelab2 — 1Smart Omega Neos
ONIC Arsenals2 — 1ZOL Esports
Blacklist Academy1 — 2BREN x Euphoria Esports

Week 6

March 28

Blacklist Academy2 — 1Smart Omega Neos
Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub2 — 1BREN x Euphoria Esports
RSG Ignite1 — 2ECHO Proud

March 29

Nexplay EVOS Tiger Cub2 — 0ZOL Esports
ONIC Arsenals0 — 2BREN x Euphoria Esports
Gamelab2 — 0TNC Neo

March 30

Blacklist Academy2 — 0ZOL Esports
RSG Ignite2 — 0Smart Omega Neos
Gamelab2 — 1ECHO Proud
ONIC Arsenals0 — 2TNC Neo

Where to watch the tournament?

All the games will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official platforms:

Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and MPL updates.

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