If you’ve been playing Ranked in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang these past few days, you may have noticed that Harley is slowly rising in popularity.

This very agile mage hero is one of the most annoying heroes to face against. His strength even prompted one of the most popular Indonesian streamers, Tobias “JessNoLimit” Justin, to try out the hero for himself.

Why is Harley such a strong pick in patch 1.5.88?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Harley
Credit: Moonton

One item in patch 1.5.88 made Harley a stronger pick right now – Shadow Twinblades. The item’s passive Assassination along with the item Genius Wand is enough to melt any heroes in his path.

And it synergizes really well with his passive Magic Master, greatly reducing the magic defence of enemies while increasing your own basic attacks.

How JessNoLimit revealed Harley’s hidden power

With the Mage Genius’ rise in popularity, JessNoLimit decided to try out the hero on his YouTube page to see what the hype is all about.

He dominated all throughout the game with a 16/2/5 KDA and even secured a savage to prove just how OP Harley is right now with the right build.

As for his items, he went for Arcane Boots then immediately finished Genius Wand. He went with offensive mage items as well such as Divine Glaive, Shadow Twinblades, and Holy Crystal.

You can watch JessNoLimit’s video here.

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