The 121st hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been announced, and her choice of weapon will leave you speechless.

After Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023), Moonton released a sneak peek of marksman hero Ixia, the Arclight Outlaw.

She is the third hero to be released this year after fighter hero Arlott and mage hero Novaria.

New MLBB hero Ixia sets herself apart from other marksmen in a truly remarkable way

Hero bio of new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Ixia
Credit: Moonton

What truly sets her apart from her marksmen counterparts is her unique weapon choice.

Gone are the days of conventional rifles, for she wields a remarkable pair of floating devices on her back.

These contraptions unleash bullets that gracefully arc through the air, defying expectations and captivating all who bear witness.

According to Moonton’s teaser, she is an outlaw from the Agelta Drylands, a newly-introduced area in the Land of Dawn.

Her final set of skills has yet to be revealed. However, players can see some of her skills in the advanced server, showing her burst damage and lifesteal capabilities.

The new marksman hero will be released on July 8.

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