Geek Fam ID’s new roster has stunned the competition at the ONE Esports Invitational. While most eyes were on Alter Ego’s undefeated run in RRQ’s bracket, Geek Fam also claimed two sweeps with ease in the Todak bracket.

They managed to take down fellow ID team, and one of the tournament favorites, Bigetron Alpha, with ease, and followed it up by demolishing MPL PH team Blacklist International.

While the team was just slumping through MPL ID S6 a few months ago, Geek Fam is now looking deadly with its new squad. 

Following their failure to qualify for the MPL playoffs for three consecutive seasons, the ID org decided to make some big changes to the lackluster roster.

To start their roster rebuild, the team released four players, three of whom were team veterans (namely Wongcoco, Joker, and AyamJago). Geek Fam retained only one senior player in Ipin who recently changed his in-game name to RenV.

The five remaining slots were filled with young and talented players from the MDL. Schwann, Freeza, and BabyRuca (formerly known as Babywww) were promoted from the MDL team during MPL ID S6 while Zunz and Despair joined as two other youth prospects.

In terms of their recent gameplay, Geek Fam’s strategy has always been centered on strong sidelaners. In just their two MPLI matches, the stats showed that Esmeralda and Lapu-Lapu were the most prioritized heroes in their winning drafts.

Geek Fam coach Nafari also confirmed that they like to play with strong sidelanes. With this emphasis on two strong sidelines, the team is able to split the opponent’s focus and help hypercarry BabyRucca stay undisturbed in his farming efforts.

If BabyRuca and the GEEK squad can be consistent with their strong side-lane strategy, they have a good chance at beating MPL MY/SG champions Todak and meeting either RRQ Hoshi or Alter Ego in the MPLI semi-finals.

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