Another Indonesian team has advanced to the Quarterfinals as Geek Fam made quick work of the Philippines’ Blacklist International on Day 3 of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational.

Game One

In game one, for the drafting phase, Geek Fam went for a standard lineup with Ling, Kadita, and Esmeralda as their main damage dealers. On the other hand, Blacklist went experimental with Bruno as their marksman and a smite Baxia.

Geek Fam used their lineup to their advantage, going for early invades and surprise ganks with FRZZ’s Kadita, who ended the game with a 6/1/5 record.

The Indonesian squad also pulled off numerous tower dives thanks to Zunz’s Hilda and Renv’s Esmeralda tanking most of the damage.

While Blacklist International were able to successfully hold off Geek Fam’s aggressive pushes for a few minutes in the mid-game, a Lord buff in the 21st minute sealed their fate as Geek Fam took the 1-0 lead.

Game Two

Geek Fam picked up where they left off, dominating all aspects of game two, including gold, buffs, and kill lead. In just 11 minutes, the Indonesian rising stars raced out to a whopping 16k gold lead thanks to Babyruca’s Helcurt and Frzz’s Hairth leading the fray.

By the nine-minute mark, Blacklist International were already unable to leave their base turrets as they struggled to defend against the onslaught and intense pressure from Geek Fam.

However, a wipeout at the 11th minute finally let Geek Fam seal the deal, as they cruised to a 2-0 victory.

Geek Fam will now face MPL MY/SG S6 champion Todak in the Quarterfinals on December 5.

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