EVOS Legends’ Los Galacticos squad played its first-ever game at the ONE Esports MPL Invitational but unfortunately suffered a defeat against fellow ID team Alter Ego.

After winning M1 World Championship last year, EVOS has struggled in 2020, and has yet to capture a single championship. This award drought is a big concern for EVOS fans, who are certainly hungry for some White Tiger success.

To bring back the spark, EVOS Legends made some big-name transfers heading into the MPLI. Luminaire was brought back from his break and two superstars, Antimage and LJ, joined the squad with buyouts that allegedly had pretty high prices for both players.

Unfortunately, EVOS has not yet lived up to its potential. Due to RRQ’s drafting, they had to face Alter Ego, the grand finalist of MPL ID Season 6, in the first round, losing with a 0-2 scoreline.

However, while they were swept, EVOS didn’t play badly in the series. The first game was mainly EVOS playing catch-up to Alter Ego’s economy for a comeback, but as the game winded down to the last minute, AE overpowered them for the first win.

In the second game, EVOS mastered the early-game phase and had a solid agenda for the final fights, but due to some blunders and imperfect decision making, Udil and the AE squad took over and claimed the sweeping victory.

EVOS Legends coach, Bjorn “Zeys” Ong, told ONE Esports that he gracefully admits that Alter Ego is still stronger than his team.

“Alter Ego is playing better and a better team,” he said briefly.

Though many MPL fans criticized EVOS’ performance, Zeys was grateful that there are still loyal fans who can accept that it was a hard-fought loss for the team.

“Thank you to the fans for your support and for being true supporters,” he concluded.

While this might be the end for EVOS at the MPL Invitational, we’ll likely see the new-and-improved superteam once again in MPL ID Season 7. As for now, Zeys has confirmed that the squad will take a quick break first before heading back into any form of competition.

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