The Mystic Tortoise reenters the battlefield of Mobile Legends with a new skin that’s bound to drive your opponents crazy.

The Badass Roller skin has Baxia putting down his guardian shields for a rocker look. Now looking more human than ever, the tanky fighter dons a mean red leather jacket, blue jeans, aviator sunglasses, and a bandana. As for his trademark weapon, Baxia now has huge spiked wheels chained to his arms to look even more punk than before.

As the name states, Baxia now rolls around the map like the king of the road. With his shield unity, Baxia runs down opponents with his two combined wheels, leaving trails of dirt and sparks as he accelerates. Shield of Spirit now throws his wheels while Tortoise’s Puissance has Baxia charging through the lanes with his wheel spikes while leaving a slightly purple, lava-like track behind him.

While Moonton hasn’t specified a release date yet, we’ll likely see Baxia’s new badass persona hit the MLBB store sometime this month.

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