Tank mains, especially Khufra users, have something to look forward to this month as Moonton has announced that Dreadful Clown Khufra is the Starlight skin for the month of March.

In a video teaser posted on Youtube, the Starlight skin was revealed along with several other cosmetics including a painted skin for Natalia and a sacred statue of Atlas.

The skin may terrify some players, but others will enjoy its perfect blend of horror and carnivale themes. Khufra now wears a white and black tuxedo and a top hat. To finish off the sinister look, he has clown makeup on, making him look a bit like the Joker from the DC franchise.

As for his abilities, Khufra now throws a playing card with his passive Spell Curse. Tyrant’s Revenge, Bouncing Ball, and Tyrant’s Rage now leave a purple trail of cards behind him.

Dreadful Clown Khufra will be available on March 1 and will replace Lapu-Lapu Special Force in the Starlight page.

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