The MPL playoffs are starting soon with MPL ID this weekend, while MPL MY/SG and MPL PH will begin their playoffs run later in October. In between the regular season and the playoffs, Moonton has introduced a new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch.

This is the third patch to affect MPL Season 6. While there are no new changes to the map this patch, there were more buffs and nerfs to heroes.

We expect this to have an effect on the playoffs, especially since the three heroes nerfed are popular MPL picks, and are generally seen as S-tier.

Here are three OP heroes who got nerfed, and who may no longer be an option in the MPL Season 6 playoffs:

1. Chang’e

Credit: Moonton

A very long-ranged mage, Chang’e is one of the most popular mage supports alongside Pharsa. Her ultimate, Meteor Shower, can really cause trouble for opponents.

The reason is not only because of its raw damage output, but also because this skill is useful for stealing buffs, jungle camps, and clearing out minion waves in the late game as a line of defense. This increases the potential for a team to make comeback.

For these reasons, Chang’e’s ultimate, Meteor Shower, received a nerf. Its base damage was reduced from 60-100 to 50-80, while its Magic Power Bonus was increased from 25 percent to 30 percent.

Her second skill, Crescent Moon, also received a nerf. Its base shield was decreased from 400-650 to 300-500, and its Magic Power Bonus increased from 120 percent to 150 percent.

2. Ruby

Credit: Moonton

One of the heroes who became S-tier after Project NEXT was released, Ruby is one of the most annoying heroes with regeneration in the game. Unsurprisingly, The Red Riding Hood too, received a nerf.

Ruby’s hero attributes was lowered. Her base HP decreased from 2,659 to 2,509, her base Physical Defense was decreased from 23 to 18, and her Base Magic Defense was decreased from 10 to 5.

This means that Ruby will struggle even more in the early game as she is forced to play passively, at least until she manages to buy Haas’s Claws.

3. Kahleed

Credit: Moonton

Khaleed is one of the most powerful heroes in the early game. In fact, his potential to get first blood is very high because of his base damage output.

His first skill, Desert Tornado, was nerfed. Its bonus Physical Damage was decreased from 120 percent of Total Physical Attack to 110 percent. Its cooldown was increased from 5.5-4 seconds to 6.5-4 seconds.

These changes definitely reduces his early game impact. By mid game though, he is still viable, especially if he builds tank.

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