Natalia is getting a fifth skin, and she looks extremely sassy! Called Grim Strangler, the skin trailer opens mid operation with a drone that spots her out on the roof, identifying her as a threat — which she swiftly takes out.

MLBB fans will immediately be drawn to her bright pink hair and contrasting blue streak at the fringe. These colors continue throughout her entire outfit, standing out against her gray body suit.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Her signature claw weapon glows neon baby blue, and gives off digital particle effects. The complementary transparent blue and pink cape on her back, like her claw, looks like a hologram, all of which makes the skin stand out in-game.

You’ll also be glad to know that no detail was too small, for she also wears pink and blue heels to round off the sexy spy outfit.

Grim Strangler gives a representation of how Black Widow would look like if she decided to take on a futuristic look that adds a striking dash of color to her usual black.

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