The first day of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational ended with another surprise upset as Indonesian team, Genflix Aerowolf defeated MPL PH Season 6 runners-up, Omega Esports.

Game One

The first game was very quick in favor of Genflix Aerowolf. They were able to eliminate four members of Omega Esports in just under two minutes thanks to the early crowd control of Jawhead and Eudora.

Despite the lead, Genflix Aerowolf remained composed and went for counter-plays instead of starting team fights. Their patience led to their team having complete control of the map and objectives.

At the 10th minute mark, they were able to push aggressively into the base of Omega with only the base turrets remaining. Genflix Aerowolf decided not to prolong the game further, finishing the game in just 12 minutes.

Game Two

The second game played out in similar fashion with Genflix Aerowolf dominating from the first minute up until the end.

Omega showed signs of improvement in the first few minutes of the game but Genflix immediately answered back with early game kills and poke.

Marz and newcomer Bottle shined bright in the game after dishing out insane amounts of damage in team fights as Genflix cruised to victory.

With Omega’s chances dwindling with numerous team fights going the way of Genflix Aerowolf, the Indonesian team went on to secure the Lord buff and immediately pushed mid to finish the game at the 16th minute mark.

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