Another upset has been achieved, and we’re just on the first day of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational.

Despite Bigetron Alpha coming into the MPLI as one of the favorites they were stunned by a new-look Geek Fam roster.

Game One

Both Bigetron Alpha and Geek Fam started out slow in the first few minutes of the game, with Bigetron’s Selena and Popol & Kupa trying to pick off early kills. Geek Fam answers back by rotating in the mid lane all the time to pressure the core of Bigetron to defend base.

Nine minutes into the game and most of the players of Geek have finished their core items and decided to use their lineup’s tanky advantage to push it down in the mid lane. Bigetron Alpha’s squishy offensive lineup was no match for the aggressive march of Geek Fam. .

In the succeeding minute, Geek Fam proceeds to pursue the Lord. They were successful and this sealed the deal for them as they were able to destroy all three base turrets of Bigetron Alpha with the help of the Lord buff.

Game Two

The second game was no different than the first, as Bigetron Alpha had a hard time rotating and getting kills all throughout the game despite a strong draft of Khaleed and Khufra in the mix.

In less than five minutes, Geek Fam managed to secure three kills and the first turtle of the game. The excellent map presence of Geek Fam made it difficult for Bigetron Alpha to secure objectives such as buffs, turtles, and even towers.

Geek Fam maintained the pressure up until the 12th minute where they managed to get a wipeout near the river, upsetting Bigetron Alpha with a 2-0 clean up.

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