Day 1 of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational has been full of upsets and comebacks, and our third game was no different, with ONIC PH taking a thrilling 2-1 victory over ONIC ID.

The newly-reshuffled ONIC Philippines proved that they are now a force to be reckoned with after defeating ONIC Indonesia in what fans were calling the “ONIC civil war” marking another great series on the first day of the MPL Invitational.

Game One

The first match of the series was a nail-biter, with both teams scoring 19 kills each at the end of the game. Both teams were very careful in their rotation and opted to focus on securing map control.

Onic ID started off strong and the map was in their control due to Sanz’s Ling. However, Onic PH’s Hated started racking up kills, even going as big as 7/0/4 in just 12 minutes.

Hated’s performance led to Onic PH bouncing back for the lead. However, Onic ID managed to secure the Lord buff at the 18th minute mark which led to them destroying all of ONIC PH’s base turrets.

Onic PH tried to mount a final stand at the 20th-minute mark but the damage of Onic ID was too much for the Filipino squad to handle.

Game Two

ONIC PH managed to snatch the win against ONIC ID after the latter had a huge lead in the early-mid portion of the game thanks to the early game power of a Jawhead tank. Iy4knu’s Alice also had difficulties in the laning phase, picking up three deaths in just under five minutes.

The 10th-minute mark saw ONIC PH slowly bouncing back after Kairi killed four members of ONIC ID to secure the gold lead advantage. 

The lead widened at the 15th-minute mark after Kairi killed Lord. However, PH weren’t able to capitalize much as the Indonesians were able to defend their side turrets.

ONIC PH finally sealed the final nail in the coffin after another Lord which led to two members of the Indonesian team dying. ONIC PH then immediately went for the base.

Game Three

The final game was the most intense of the series, with both teams showing grit all throughout.

Both teams went for a double core setup, aiming for the late game advantage. The early parts of the game were a back-and-forth affair and no one seems to be getting a clear advantage.

ONIC ID were showing signs of dominance for a while in the middle parts of the game, even going as far as capturing the Lord buff in the 14th-minute mark. ONIC PH answered back by killing two ONIC ID members.

There were a few skirmishes in the latter parts of the game as everyone already completed their items. However, the game went to a stalemate until the 24th-minute mark where a team fight near the Lord pit went in favor of ONIC PH.

They then went on to get the Lord buff and go in the mid to try and finish the game. ONIC ID tried to defend the base, but three members of ONIC PH focused their attack on the base. The Philippine squad emerged victorious in another reverse sweep for this day.

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