It’s all or nothing in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 4 (MPL SG Season 4), the final MPL tournament held in Singapore this year.

The champion will receive the lion’s share of the S$100,000 prize pool and represent Singapore in the upcoming M4 World Championship in Indonesia early next year.

After a stellar performance last season, defending champion RSG SG will look to defend their throne against new and old foes in the Land of Dawn.

While there are many new teams competing this season, their players are no strangers to competing in the MPL. One such team is Slate Esports, which comprises former EVOS SG members.

Stellark, who secured a slot in the open qualifier, will also be fielding veterans including Season 1 rookie of the year Boon Wei Xing “OhDeerBambi” Robert and Ho Ee “SynC” Hong, who just returned to the competitive scene after taking a one-year break.

Here is the full roster list of all eight teams competing at MPL SG Season 4.

Full roster of every team competing at MPL SG Season 4


MPL SG Season 4 RSG SG roster
Credit: Moonton

Veteran Lim “Ly4ly4ly4” Yang departed RSG SG in the offseason, leaving Brayden “BRAYYY” Teo as the only jungler in the lineup.

They have also added rookies, namely, Yong Seng You “CS” Chester, Royven “Roy.” Tan, and Jason Lai Yan “.Jason” Jun. RSG have retained team captain Yeo Wee “Diablo” Lun, Jovan Ong Jin “.babycakes” Heng, and Yeo “.Lolsie” Bellamy.

Yeo Wee “Diablo” LunEXP laner
Brayden “BRAYYY” TeoJungler
Ng Jin Rui “505” AmosMidlaner
Jovan Ong Jin “.babycakes” HengEXP laner
Yeo “.Lolsie” BellamyRoamer
Yong Seng You “CS” ChesterGold laner
Royven “Roy.” TanMidlaner
Jason Lai Yan “.Jason” JunRoamer


MPL SG Season 4 Stellark roster
Credit: Moonton

Former RSG SG Ho Ee “SynC” Hong will be making a comeback this season with Stellark after taking a one-year break from the competitive scene. He will be joined by former teammate Javon Ham Kao “Fossa.” Yee.

Stellark have also signed Subthavy “Bzyzzz” Chanthalath, a Laotian player who played for Niightmare Esports at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Cup 2021 (MSC 2021).

Calvin Toh Yi “SmellyCat” WeiGold laner
Ho Ee “SynC” HongMidlaner
Boon Wei Xing “OhDeerBambi” RobertJungler
Jonathan “Chu.” LohEXP laner
Javon Ham Kao “Fossa.” YeeGold laner
Bryant “Izanagi.” TanGold laner
Cheston “chesty” ChiaMidlaner
Subthavy “Bzyzzz” ChanthalathJungler

Slate Esports

MPL SG Season 4 Slate Esports roster

After EVOS SG disbanded, EXP laner Stefan Chong “Soul” Ru Chyi told ONE Esports that most of his teammates hope they’d still stick together for next season. That came to fruition after their head coach Daryl “Youngin” Ng formed Slate Esports.

Former EVOS SG members Adam “Adammir” Chong, Akihiro “JPL” Furusawa, Basil Lim “Seilah” Dao Ze, and Tristan Christopher “Gear” Nathanael will headline the new squad and will be joined by newcomers Ng Bi “FMM” De and Jaeden “Jae x Love” Tan.

Jaeden “Jae x Love” TanEXP laner
Akihiro “JPL” FurusawaRoamer
Adam “Adammir” ChongEXP laner
Ng Bi “FMM” DeGold laner
Basil Lim “Seilah” Dao ZeMidlaner
Tristan Christopher “Gear” NathanaelEXP laner

Zion Esports

MPL SG Season 4 Zion Esports roster
Credit: Moonton

This season, only Lim Wei “Vanix.” Jun Keith, Andy Lau Dong “Azura X” Xuan, and Long “Supergirl” stayed. They will still be coached by former EVOS SG pro player Andrew “Potato” Lim, a legend in the Singapore MLBB scene.

Lim Wei “Vanix.” Jun KeithJungler
Andy Lau Dong “Azura X” XuanMidlaner
Long “Supergirl” Shih Kiat Gold laner
Said Muhammad Irfan Bin “Latte.” Said ShehRoamer
Raymond Ke Zheng “Mango” WunEXP laner
Tan Kia Kiat “wonderstruck” JavierRoamer


MPL SG Season 4 EVIL roster
Credit: Moonton

EVIL became a crowd favorite when they upset EVOS SG and Team Flash last season. They will be giving their starting five another go in Season 4, with new recruit Alvin “Tzu.” Teo.

Lee Kwong Sheng “PoWerFuL” WillieJungler
Goh Qi “carrot” EnRoamer
Ryan Tan Wen “melon.” LongMidlaner
Kor Ming Yao “Coconut.” ZenjiGold laner
Ernest Chan Wen “JsisJejsj” XuanEXP laner
Alvin “Tzu.” TeoEXP laner


MPL SG Season 4 Revival roster
Credit: Moonton

Revival is an all-rookie team that will be led by three-time MPL champion and former RSG SG star Lim “Ly4ly4ly4” Yang.

Chew Jing “Swirled” YuMidlane
Lim “Ly4ly4ly4” YangGold laner
Terence Toh Hong “kirby” YiRoamer
Ng Quan “Qd x love” DeJungler
Wong Chun Wing “Sammy” SamGold laner
Chua Ee Herng “Peace” VernonJungler
Chen Jia “Ryan” HaoRyanEXP laner

Team Flash

MPL SG Season 4 Team Flash roster
Credit: Moonton

Team Flash had a miraculous run last season and made it all the way to the lower bracket final even though they only won one series in the regular season.

With Ong Wei “Aeon” Sheng’s absence this season, William “a1a2” Heese will take to the midlane alongside former RSG SG’s Eugene “Kayzeepi” Kong, Remas “remaniscent” Ker, former EVOS SG’s Ng Jun “Pokemon.” Hong, and Oh Tian ” ALPHA V9″ Boon.

William “a1a2” HeeseMidlaner
Ng Jun “Pokemon.” HongGold laner
Remas “remaniscent” KerJungler
Calvin “Teckawei” OngRoamer
Oh Tian ” ALPHA V9″ BoonEXP laner
Jay “Jayy” ChngRoamer
Eugene “Kayzeepi” KongJungler


MPL SG Season 4 Team SMG SG roster
Credit: Moonton

After losing in the first round of the playoffs in Season 3, Team SMG SG lost its slot in the league. They had to join the open qualifier once again and take their shot.

Together with former EVOS SG jungler Skye “Joxxx” Goh, Team SMG SG dominated the open qualifier.

The team also made drastic changes during the offseason. Team captain Ho Jun “Dairy” En, Lim Jia “RUM RUM RUM.” Kai, and Alif “Ash” are the only members remaining from the old roster.

Ho Jun “Dairy” EnRoam
Ben “Bento” TohEXP laner
Skye “Joxxx” GohEXP laner
Jordan “Jo X Jos” TanGold laner
Russell “ᴇɴ._.ʏᴀ” LeeGold laner
Lim Jia “RUM RUM RUM.” KaiEXP laner
Alif “Ash”Gold laner

MPL SG Season 4 will begin later today, September 3. Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more MPL SG news, updates, and guides.

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