If you love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and music, you’ll be excited to know that the official music video for “Together”, the anthem for this year’s 515 Eparty, has been released.

The song is performed by S.T.U.N., the Land of Dawn’s first virtual musical group consisting of Chou, Selena, and Brody.

Together by S.T.U.N. is catchy, fun, and might even end up on many fans’ Spotify playlists. Watching the music video makes the song even better, for every minute of it take you on a wild ride.

The 515 Eparty’s official S.T.U.N. music video

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 Eparty song Together by S.T.U.N., music video snippet
Screenshot by Julian Elona/ONE Esports

The video is set in what appears to be a futuristic city that’s vibrant and filled with neon colors scattered throughout every corner.

It’s lively and a big improvement compared to last year’s 515 Eparty song, Party Legends, which showed a slideshow of its 515 hero ambassadors.

Together by S.T.U.N. the best MLBB music video to date

Chou starts the song with a rap in the first two verses. As a hip-hop fan myself, the bars were very solid, and each line sounds exciting.

Then, Selena jumps in during the pre-chorus and surprising everyone. Her singing style is comparable to some of the best pop artists today, such as Dua Lipa and Katy Perry. It’s that good!

Brody also had a few verses in the song. Though less memorable than Chou, his lines are still atmospheric. His deep voice surprisingly blends well with Chou’s and Selena’s.

The song perfectly encapsulates the entire vibe of this year’s 515 Eparty. The music video is well done, and a step in the right direction.

Let’s just pray that S.T.U.N. is not a one-time thing. Hopefully Moonton will release more songs, or even an album after the event is over.

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