Chang’e mains are in for a treat!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has released a teaser trailer for Vine Cradle Chang’e, an adorable skin that will surely melt the hearts of your allies and foes in the Land of Dawn.

The epic skin features Chang’e sitting on a flowery vine cradle, with adorable flying creatures following her around. There is also a large pink bow at the bottom of the cradle and Easter eggs scattered around what seems to be a magical forest in the background.

As for her outfit, she wears a purple ruffle dress and has a large headwear with blue flowers on the side. The details in the skin makes it one of the most elegant and adorable skins in the game.

She now throws violet Easter eggs in her basic attacks and a larger Easter egg every time she casts Starmoon Shockwave. For Crescent Moon, she will summon two cute flying creatures to circle around her and give her enhanced abilities.

Meteor Shower now has Chang’e shooting colorful meteors with vine effects to a specified area. Her vine cradle wil also circle around in her back while the skill is active.

Vine Cradle Chang’e will hit live servers some time in April.

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