Burmese Ghouls have proven once again that they’re the best team in Myanmar by sweeping Ronin Esports in an MPL MM S5 Grand Finals rematch to advance to the Semifinals of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational.

Game One

It was a seesaw battle in the early-mid game, with Ronin Esports getting a slight upper hand after a 4-0 teamfight at the nine-minute mark.

At the 12-minute mark, Burmese Ghouls’ A C E got a triple kill in the Lord pit after Burmese Ghoul successfully captured the Lord buff. Burmese Ghouls then went on to push and managed to capture another 4-0 in the 13-minute mark to win the game, 1-0.

A C E’s Roger was the player of the game after dishing out the highest damage in the game and securing a 7/1/8 record.

Game Two

Burmese Ghouls fought tooth and nail in the second game as they managed to fend off a more-disciplined Ronin Esports to snag the Semifinals berth.

Burmese Ghouls had the upper hand throughout game two, taking down all of Ronin Esports towers and securing three Lord buffs in the game. However, Ronin’s excellent defense kept them at bay as they managed to keep themselves in the game.

It all came to an end however when, at the 18-minute mark, Burmese Ghouls sneakily eliminated the majority of Ronin Esports’ defense thanks to A C E’s Helcurt bursting down unsuspecting Ronin Esports cores.

With no one left to defend Ronin’s base, Burmese Ghouls finished off the game, taking the series 2-0.

Burmese Ghouls will now face the winner of Bren Esports vs Aura PH in tomorrow’s Semifinals.

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