Alter Ego has successfully avenged their MPL ID S6 Grand Finals defeat by beating RRQ Hoshi, 2-0, in the Quarterfinals of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational.

Game One

Alter Ego came to the first game with vengeance in mind and obliterated RRQ Hoshi in just 14 minutes.

RRQ Hoshi started out strong in the first few minutes of the game with good map control by Vynnn’s Hilda. However, Alter Ego was able to snowball due to early kills, anchoring a 6-2 lead and a turtle advantage.

The red and black squad pulled away even more in the mid game, with the Lord being secured in the 10-minute mark after a 4-1 teamfight. By 12 minutes, RRQ Hoshi has no no towers remaining.

Despite RRQ Hoshi showing signs of brilliance by answering back with kills of their own, a swift skirmish in all lanes went in favor of Alter Ego. A 3-0 teamfight for Alter Ego opened up RRQ Hoshi’s base, as they took a quick 1-0 lead.

Game Two

Both teams went for very aggressive offensive lineups in game two, with no solid tank in sight for either team. It was a back-and-forth affair in the early parts of the match with no team getting a clear lead.

However, at the nine-minute mark Alter Ego broke the game open by destroying RRQ’s mid base turret after getting a 3-0 in a teamfight.

RRQ tried to mount a comeback and had some success after a teamfight went their way at the 11-minute mark. But it was short-lived as Alter Ego went on to secure a Lord buff at the 14-minute mark and eventually the victory in 15:26.

Alter Ego will now face fellow Indonesians Geek Fam in the Semifinals tomorrow.

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