Many EXP lane heroes such as Martis, Benedetta, and Alucard were buffed in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s patch 1.7.08, but one fighter hero, in particular, received the biggest change this update — the Tribal Warrior, Badang.

Badang is a true glass cannon in-game, a hero that deals a ton of damage but dies quickly if caught since he has little to no survivability.

Prior to this patch, this made him a rare sight in ranked and competitive play. He was completely absent in both MPL Indonesia and MPL Philippines last season, according to MPL stats.

In patch 1.7.08, most of his skills have been tweaked to make him viable in the current meta. Unlike before, where he solely relied on his ultimate, Fist Crack, in team fights, Badang can now make plays using Qigong Fist and Fist Break.

Changes to Badang in Mobile Legends patch 1.7.08

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.08 hero changes to Fredrinn, Vexana, Faramis, and Melissa
Credit: ONE Esports

Skill 1 – Qigong Fist

  • New Effect: Badang stores up to 2 skill charges and restores 1 charge every 13-10s (decreases with level)
  • Cooldown decreased from 7-5s to 2s
  • Initial Damage increased from 250-400 + 70% Physical Attack to 210-360 + 90% physical attack
  • Subsequent Damage adjusted from 155-280 + 50% Physical Attack to 115-215 + 60% physical attack
  • Foreswing slightly reduced

Skill 2 – Fist Break

  • Cooldown Reduction decreased from 10s to 9s
  • Removed: 40% of the skill cooldown is refunded if no enemy is hit
  • New Effect: Casting this skill grants Badang a 350-600 (+150% physical attack) shield that lasts 5s

Ultimate – Fist Crack

  • No longer grants a shield upon cast
  • New Effect: Badang gains Control Immunity throughout the skill duration (instead of when the shield is active)
  • Initial Damage increased from 70-150 + 50% to 80-140 + 54% Physical Attack
  • Collision Damage decreased from 42-90 + 30% to 40-70 + 27% Physical Attack
  • Max Number of Attacks decreased from 10 to 9
  • The Ultimate will target the enemy hit by the obstacle by default if it’s cast within 1s after Skill 2 hits an enemy
  • You can still manually drag and aim it at other enemies

These buffs to Badang in patch 1.7.08 are a game changer

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Fist of Zen Badang
Credit: Moonton

Before this patch, the Tribal Warrior doesn’t do well without his ultimate. With the changes he received in patch 1.7.08, Qigong Fist and Fist Break are now equally important in team fights.

Qigong Fist can now be used twice in quick succession, and its cooldown drastically decreased from five seconds to three seconds at max level. This greatly improves his 1v1 potential, as he can now use the skill more frequently. The increased damage also helps, especially now that tanky EXP laners are preferred in the current meta.

Fist Break’s new effect, which grants him a shield, is the defensive skill he needed for the longest time. The shield scales with physical attack and lasts for five seconds. This means that he can build offensive items and still have a large enough shield on his Fist Break.

His ultimate was also buffed as well. Aside from the new control immunity effect, Fist Crack now automatically targets the enemy hit by Fist Break, making it much easier to get a quick combo and a kill.

The full Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.08 patch notes can be found here.

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