Embark on a magical journey with the new Starlight skin Avatar of Time Angela, her ninth skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This skin takes center stage at the Starlight Fest 2023, an annual event where Moonton Games unveils a unique Starlight Skin with enhanced animations and skill effects, similar to Epic and Collector skins.

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With the newfound ability to turn back time and peek into the future, Angela undergoes a mystical transformation, becoming a being who can traverse otherworldly dimensions.

Starlight Fest 2023 Avatar of Time Angela skin character model and skills effects preview

Avatar of Time Angela character model
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

In this skin, Angela’s hair undergoes a delightful transformation, blending into a pastel canvas of pink and blue.

Adorned in an enchanting pink dress with a sizable ribbon and a heart-shaped diamond at the forefront, her attire conceals a protective armor extending down to her legs. A radiant halo accompanies her every move.

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Credit: ONE Esports
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What adds a touch of magic to her appearance is a floating crown with an exceptionally bright diamond at its center.

Her skills seamlessly complement her timekeeper goddess aesthetic. Heart Waves fires a pink, radiant beam, leaving a colorful hourglass atop those it touches.

Avatar of Time Angela ultimate skill effects, Heartguard
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

In her skill, Puppet-on-a-String, she hurls a vibrant leash at her enemies. Those ensnared find themselves encircled by two swirling hourglasses until succumbing to a stunning effect.

Her ultimate skill, Heartguard, unfolds with a prism enveloping an ally, while her doll gracefully perches atop the chosen ally.

This ultimate is one of Angela’s most beautiful skills, making this even more appealing compared to her other skins.

Avatar of Time Angela will be available in the events tab on November 25.

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