Alter Ego proved to everyone that they remain a big threat to win the ONE Esports MPL Invitational after defeating EVOS Legends’ new-look roster in convincing fashion in the third series of Day 2.

Game One

Alter Ego managed to secure the first game thanks to their mid-game split push strat that left EVOS Legends with no towers in just 10 minutes. 

The MPL ID S6 runners-up started off strong after successful rotations and turtle buffs that gave them the early gold advantage. Celiboy’s Chou and Ahmad’s Claude focused on destroying towers while the remaining members distracted EVOS Legends

EVOS Legends fought back and secured a few kills of their own. They also managed to kill Lord at the 13-minute mark with a 2-1 exchange. Despite EVOS Legends having no more towers, they kept on successfully defending their base.

EVOS Legends seemed to be scaling well in the late game as the chance for a comeback became increasingly more likely. However, when Alter Ego took the Lord at the 20-minute mark it was all but over as Alter Ego finally destroyed the EVOS Legends base to win game one.

Game Two

The intense second game saw an action-packed early-mid game for both teams as they traded kills in messy team fights.

At the 9-minute mark, there was still no clear lead with both teams having a kill score of 14. However, Alter Ego found an opening after two minutes when they got a 3-1 exchange and a Lord buff all thanks to Hamad’s Harith who was exceptional at getting kills all throughout the match.

Alter Ego wasted no time and ran it down mid in the 13-minute mark to end the series in a thrilling win against EVOS Legends.

Alter Ego will now face Genflix Aerowolf on Sunday for a chance to meet tournament favorites, RRQ Hoshi in the Quarterfinals.

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