Alter Ego Nyx is one of the cleanest teams heading into Woman Star League Season 2.

Their Season 1 performance seems to have really made an impression on them. After failing to advance to the WSL S1 playoffs, the team is looking rebuild for a stronger approach in S2.

For the upcoming season, AE brought in a deadly duo from Belletron Era, Ash and Pixie. As former teammates, the two have a lot of chemistry playing the jungler and tank roles.

This team is also working much harder and more cohesively as a team than last season. AE offlaner Venny “Fumi” Fumieko Chain expressed her thoughts on why this season is different.

“In Season 1, we failed because we had a lot of fighting with each other and focused more on the problems,” said Fumi exclusively to ONE Esports.

“For Season 2, you might come in with plenty of confidence, but you also have to put in extra effort because your opponents are getting better.”

With Ash and Pixie joining the team, Fumi believes that Alter Ego has upgraded their chemistry and understanding as a team. With already great individual players, the offlaner says that the next thing they need to do is to build on AE’s desired gameplay identity.

“The team’s preparation has reached 70 percent. The 30 percent that’s still lacking is the gameplay — we don’t have really solid gameplay yet,” said Fumi.

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