The Woman Star League is Indonesia’s premier female MLBB pro league, and is about to enter Season 2.

One of the teams that will be hoping for success this season is Belletron Era, the sister team of MPL ID squad, Bigetron Alpha.

For season 2 of WSL, the team is sporting a revamped lineup with sibling duo, Chel and Cinny, joining the three remaining players from last season’s roster, Vival, Queenov, and Meyden.

Chel and Cinny were brought in from Luna Nera Vixens, who finished in the top four of WSL last season, mostly thanks to the heroics of the sisters.

Chel enters Belletron as a versatile player, who mostly plays the jungler role, but can also fill the offlane slot for them. As for Cinny, she will fill Belletron’s mage support role.

ONE Esports had the opportunity to interview the pair ahead of WSL Season 2, where Chel admitted that Belletron is still in the process of adapting to the new line-up.

“Ahead of WSL Season 2, I have to admit that the team’s preparation is still far away,” said Chel. “Maybe it’s still 40 percent and we need more chemistry. “

While they’re still preparing for the new season, Chel is already confident with her new team. As one of the bigger teams in the WSL, they’re aiming to conquer the season and become WSL S2 champions.

“Get ready to fight Belletron. Although we don’t underestimate our opponents, we don’t want to give them a breath either,” she concluded.

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