Season 6 of Mobile Legends Pro League (MPL) ID was one of the most competitive seasons of pro MLBB in recent memory.

One of the biggest surprises of the season was Bigetron Alpha, who made the leap to legitimate contenders with powerhouse performances throughout Season 6.

“The preparation of Bigetron was more focused and versatile,” said then-coach Arif “Amoux” Iswandi. “I am making the team more flexible and agile so that opposing teams will have a hard time reading our gameplay.”

Unfortunately, Bigetron struggled a little after the mid-season meta-changing patch and didn’t adapt as well as rivals, RRQ and Alter Ego.

With BTR still constructing their own take on the meta, the team squandered their early lead in the final weeks and finished fourth in the regular season. Even with the backlash of fans, Amoux saw it as an opportunity to toughen their metal game heading into the playoffs.

“Losing the game is not a problem as long as the players keep going and learn from it,” said Amoux. “I don’t pay much attention to what people say. As long as Branz and the other players don’t believe it, I will give them the chance to improve and grow.”

Fortunately, Bigetron turned things around in the playoffs, easily beating the likes of Genflix Aerowolf and Alter Ego in the Upper Bracket. However, Udil and the AE squad managed to get their revenge in the Loser’s Final, where they eliminated BTR with a stunning 2-0 scoreline.

Bigetron CEO Edwin praised the team for its best finish yet. “If we win this time, this will be BTR’s strongest team ever,” said Edwin. “We’ve never made it past fourth place. but if you win this, we’ll be third.”

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