With the Bilgewater set blowing the best card-dealers out of the water, Legends of Runeterra continues to expand its card pool with the brand new region of Targon.

Officially titled “Call of the Mountain”, this will be LoR’s third expansion set and will bring a more organized release schedule for the region compared to previous card releases.

Credit: Riot Games

The region of Targon enters the game as an exciting change to the game’s current meta. The card set will bring a new wave of cards that will primarily focus on buffing and healing your followers and champions.

Your Targon residents will have an exclusive burst card called Gems. As of now, Riot has showcased eight cards in the current teasers. Here’s what they bring to the table:

  • Gem (Burst)
    • Heal an ally 1 and grant it +1|0. Can’t be cast in combat or response to a spell
  • Gift Giver
    • When I’m summoned, create a Gem in hand
  • Mountain Goat
    • Strike: Create a Gem in hand
  • Mentor of the Stones
    • Support: Grant my supported ally +2|+2
    • Last breath: Create 3 Gems in hand
  • Shards of the Mountain (Slow)
    • Fill your hand with Gems.
  • Blessing of Targon (Burst)
    • Grand an ally +3|+3
  • Mountain Sojourners
    • Support: Grant my support ally +2|+2. If that ally has Support, it repeats my support effect

Targon will also introduce Taric as its first regional hero. From the looks of it, The Shield of Valoran will be a perfect support card to complement either Freljord’s healing spells like Take Heart or Demacia’s support cards like War Chefs.

  • Taric
    • Support: Give me and my supported ally Tough this round. Copy the last spell you cast on only me this round onto that ally.
    • Level Up: I’ve seen you target or support allies 7+ times.
    • Support (Lvl 2): My support ally and I can’t take damage or die this round. Copy the last spell you cast on only me this round onto that ally.

Just from the first expansion, you can see that Targon brings a defining status on support cards in all regions. With Taric and Majestic Sojourners’ ability to stack support skills, the meta will drastically change to favor card-tanking compositions and slowing down the pace of the game.

Credit: Riot Games

Riot has already mapped out the rest of the game’s Call of the Mountain expansions for the year while also aiming for a future release date of February 2021 for the next set.

  • Expansion 1 (August)
    • 7 champions
    • 82 non-champions
  • Expansion 2 (October)
    • 3 champions
    • 37 non-champions
  • Expansion 3 (December)
    • 3 champions
    • 37 non-champions

Though the Targon region is looking to change how players approach the game, we can expect more buffs and additions to other regions for more extravagant deck compositions.

The first expansion of Call of the Mountain will be out on August 26.

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