Legends of Runeterra is breaking its own rules with an all-new Labs mode. While the Expedition and Gauntlet modes primarily focus on classic competition, Labs presents the card game from a more creative angle, giving fans new ways to experiment and dish out their dueling skills.

The first official Lab will be the famed ARAM (all random all middle) mode. But instead of having champions face off in one lane, the two players will be creating their decks on-the-fly.

In this mode, players will choose champions at the start of the game that will compile a deck for you. Unlike the usual set-up of one mana per round, ARAM will speed things up by giving you three mana and a bigger hand to send you straight into the action.

Upon entering a Lab game, the board will morph into a blueprint table at Heimerdinger’s lab, complete with sketches and a plate of cookies. Along with the fresh in-game design, players can experience a more chill version of gameplay with ambient music and a myriad of regional cards at their disposal.

Though things might seem hectic compared to LoR’s default gameplay, Labs provide you with a refreshing way to unleash your creativity with a mystery deck.

The ARAM Labs mode will be on for only two weeks so make sure to check and try it out for yourself.

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