With the Targon region now being a household region in duelers’ decks after two months, Legends of Runeterra receives some new champs and card-types in its latest expansion, Monuments of Power.

Monuments of Power adds 40 more cards to the game. There are 10 cards each for Targon, Bilgewater, and Demacia while the remaining regions will receive two new cards.

As for the three new champions, players can now spend their wildcards on Soraka (Targon), Shyvana (Demacia), and Tahm Kench (Bilgewater). While Soraka has the trademark stats as a healing support from the newest region, Shyvana possesses an affinity to Dragon units and also has the Fury keyword. As for Tahm Kench, the River King has the ability to capture and obliterate units just like other Bilgewater followers.

Credit: Riot Games

Fitting into the theme of the expansion, Monuments of Power also introduces a new card-type called “Landmarks” that represent powerful locations in Runeterra, such as the familiar Howling Abyss and the University of Piltover. In total, Monuments of Power brings in six Landmark cards to the game.

While they’re played as normal unit cards, they have unique abilities that affect the board, but in return, they cannot attack, block, or be affected by cards unless they specify that they can affect Landmarks.

Along with the new expansion, Riot Games has released more information about LoR’s in-game Seasonal Tournaments. With the first tournament starting on December 6, the top 1,024 players from the four regional servers will have the chance to compete for a grand prize of US$ 10,000. Aside from the prize pool, all competitors will get a chance to win an exclusive cardback by winning four matches within the tournament.

Players can qualify for Season Tournaments through either mode of Ranked or Gauntlets. The top 700 Ranked players will automatically qualify while Gauntlets will determine the remaining 324 players. To qualify through the Gauntlets mode, you must be the first to achieve 7 wins on their first attempt in the high stakes Last Chance Gauntlet.

“Seasonal Tournaments are the apex of competition in Legends of Runeterra, exclusively for the best of the best,” said LoR Executive Producer Jeff Jew. “We know our players have been eager for an accessible, competitive experience, and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top in the first Seasonal Tournament.”

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