With Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain update coming on August 26, Riot Games has teased some of its newest champions to join the online trading card game.

Lor lulu
Credit: riot games

First off, we have Lulu flying in as the newest addition to the region of Ionia. The Fae Sorceress acts as a budget support card with two spells, activating allies with barriers and transforming strong enemies into squirrels. With such emphasis on protecting allies, she may be a shoo-in with fellow Ionians and barrier players, Shen and Greenglade Caretaker.

  • Lulu (2|3)
    • Support: My supported ally grows up to 4|4 this round/
    • Level up: Our allies have been supported 3+ times.
    • LVL 2 (3|4): Round Start: Create a fleeting Help, Pix! in hand
    • Support: My supported ally grows up to 5|5 this round
  • Help, Pix!
    • Give an ally Barrier or an enemy Vulnerable this round
    • Can’t be cast in combat or response to a spell
  • Lulu’s Whimsy!
    • Transform a follower into a 1|1 Squirrel and Silence it this round
    • Shuffle a Lulu into your deck

Lulu also brings a few cuddly yet courageous warriors into battle. Aside from Squirrel and Pix!, Fae Guide comes in as a great addition to elusive decks while the lone Targon card Startled Stomper acts as an early-game Overwhelm card.

  • Squirrel (1|1)
  • Pix! (0|1)
    • Support: Give my support ally +2|+1 this round
  • Fae Guide (3|3)
    • Play: Grant an ally Elusive
  • Startled Stomper (2|3)
    • Overwhelm

Lor trundle
Credit: riot games

For the second champion, we have the king of the Ice Trolls, Trundle. Hailing from the frosty lands of Freljord, Trundle acts as a solid regen bruiser for the mid-game phase. The Troll King will also summon an Ice Pillar, a vulnerable tank card that will level up Trundle when played.

  • Trundle (4|6)
    • Regeneration
    • When I’m summoned, create an Ice Pillar in hand
    • Level Up: I’ve seen you play Ice Pillar
    • LVL 2 (5|7): Attack: Grant me +1|0 for each 8+ cost card you behold
  • Ice Pillar (0|8)
    • Vulnerable
    • Play: Refill 8 Mana
    • Play and Round Start: Give the Strong enemy Vulnerable this round

Along with Trundle, a handful of trolls come out of the Freljord region that carries the new keyword of “Behold.” This keyword activates a bonus if you have a type of card in play or hand. Here’s a list of the revealed trolls and troll-related cards:

  • Augur of the Old Ones (5|5)
    • Play: If you behold an 8+ cost card, grant an ally Overwhelm and Regeneration
  • Icequake
    • Give ALL units -3|0 this round
    • Deal 3 to ALL units
  • Revitalizing Roar
    • Pick a unit in your hand to reveal
    • Heal your Nexus by its Power
    • Enlightened: Reduce its cost to 0
  • Broacbacked Protector (2|7)
    • Round Start: Heal your Nexus 3.
    • Deal damage to me equal to the amount healed
  • Resplendent Stellacorn (4|5)
    • Play: Heal an ally or your Nexus 3

Trundle, Lulu, and their companions will be joining the world of LoR along with Taric and the region of Targon on August 26.

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