With Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain update coming on August 26, Riot Games has teased some of its newest champions to join the online trading card game.

Credit: Riot Games

First off, we have Lulu flying in as the newest addition to the region of Ionia. The Fae Sorceress acts as a budget support card with two spells, activating allies with barriers and transforming strong enemies into squirrels. With such emphasis on protecting allies, she may be a shoo-in with fellow Ionians and barrier players, Shen and Greenglade Caretaker.

  • Lulu (2|3)
    • Support: My supported ally grows up to 4|4 this round/
    • Level up: Our allies have been supported 3+ times.
    • LVL 2 (3|4): Round Start: Create a fleeting Help, Pix! in hand
    • Support: My supported ally grows up to 5|5 this round
  • Help, Pix!
    • Give an ally Barrier or an enemy Vulnerable this round
    • Can’t be cast in combat or response to a spell
  • Lulu’s Whimsy!
    • Transform a follower into a 1|1 Squirrel and Silence it this round
    • Shuffle a Lulu into your deck

Lulu also brings a few cuddly yet courageous warriors into battle. Aside from Squirrel and Pix!, Fae Guide comes in as a great addition to elusive decks while the lone Targon card Startled Stomper acts as an early-game Overwhelm card.

  • Squirrel (1|1)
  • Pix! (0|1)
    • Support: Give my support ally +2|+1 this round
  • Fae Guide (3|3)
    • Play: Grant an ally Elusive
  • Startled Stomper (2|3)
    • Overwhelm

Credit: Riot Games

For the second champion, we have the king of the Ice Trolls, Trundle. Hailing from the frosty lands of Freljord, Trundle acts as a solid regen bruiser for the mid-game phase. The Troll King will also summon an Ice Pillar, a vulnerable tank card that will level up Trundle when played.

  • Trundle (4|6)
    • Regeneration
    • When I’m summoned, create an Ice Pillar in hand
    • Level Up: I’ve seen you play Ice Pillar
    • LVL 2 (5|7): Attack: Grant me +1|0 for each 8+ cost card you behold
  • Ice Pillar (0|8)
    • Vulnerable
    • Play: Refill 8 Mana
    • Play and Round Start: Give the Strong enemy Vulnerable this round

Along with Trundle, a handful of trolls come out of the Freljord region that carries the new keyword of “Behold.” This keyword activates a bonus if you have a type of card in play or hand. Here’s a list of the revealed trolls and troll-related cards:

  • Augur of the Old Ones (5|5)
    • Play: If you behold an 8+ cost card, grant an ally Overwhelm and Regeneration
  • Icequake
    • Give ALL units -3|0 this round
    • Deal 3 to ALL units
  • Revitalizing Roar
    • Pick a unit in your hand to reveal
    • Heal your Nexus by its Power
    • Enlightened: Reduce its cost to 0
  • Broacbacked Protector (2|7)
    • Round Start: Heal your Nexus 3.
    • Deal damage to me equal to the amount healed
  • Resplendent Stellacorn (4|5)
    • Play: Heal an ally or your Nexus 3

Trundle, Lulu, and their companions will be joining the world of LoR along with Taric and the region of Targon on August 26.

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