Legends of Runeterra‘s Call of The Mountain set is almost fully released, but fans can still look forward to a new Noxian champion card, Riven. She will be one of the three champions to enter the third and final expansion pack of Call of the Mountain.

Riven enters the trading card game as an adept addition to any Noxus deck. Her main function is to provide you with a gradual offense into the late-game.

Credit: Riot Games

Once you have Riven in your hand, your best option is to stall out the game so that she can rebuild the Blade of the Exile through Reforge. As you receive the attack token, Riven will automatically Reforge, giving you either the hilt, or the three fragments to complete the sword. Keep in mind that you can also use these fragments to buff other cards, and it will still count as the creation of the blade.

Riven eventually levels up when you’ve finished reforging the Blade of the Exile. Aside from having +1|+1, Riven will double her first power buff per round, making her a stacked champion with various burst cards like Fury of the North and Battle Fury.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw in her kit is the Blade of the Exile card. While it may grant +2|0, Overwhelm and Quick Attack, an opponent can easily deny the slow card from ever being played.

Credit: Riot Games

Along with Riven, two Noxian spells join your deck as add-ons to the swordswoman. Sharpened Resolve is a burst card that grants +3|+2, which can easily buff a level two Riven. If you’re getting bombarded with offensive spells and throwaway follower cards, you can utilize the slow spell card, Survival Skills, as a means to keep your placed cards alive in the fray.

From the looks of it, Riven’s forge and fight mechanic might work well with Demacia’s offensive buffs, but it might take a few turns to really churn out a strong counter-attack. If you’re looking to get the quick level up, you could potentially make a Noxus/Piltover and Zaun hybrid deck and rely on mana-refills from Eager Apprentice and Flash of Brilliance.

The final Call of the Mountain expansion pack will be released today, December 16.

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