Updated on October 17, 8:30 a.m. (GMT+8): Added ability descriptions and the patch in which he’ll be released.

In the latest episode of LoL Pls, Riot Games’ League of Legends developer blog, Lead Producer of Gameplay Ryan “Reav3” Mireles revealed that the next champion will be a tank hailing from the desert region of Shurima.

K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, was first hinted at in the Champion Roadmap in April 2022, described by the game developers as a “high skill” top lane tank.

League of Legends’ 162nd champion in the roster, he will join Shurima’s current champion lineup comprising Azir, Xerath, Nasus, Renekton, Sivir, Skarner, Amumu, and Rammus.

K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, is slated for a 2022 release

LoL champion K'Sante's weapon came from this monster in Shurima
Credit: Riot Games, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

According to Reav3’s description, Nazumah is an oasis city located on the southern outskirts of the desert. Unlike the rest of the region, its inhabitants do not worship Azir as their god.

Based on lore, the oasis where Nazumah is built is one of the few water sources within the area, so historically, its people had no choice but to compete with monsters for resources just to survive.

After a hard-fought struggle, they claimed the oasis as theirs and built a society around it. K’Sante’s story begins 500 years after — the leader of warriors who hunt desert monsters.

His unique weapon is made from regenerative hide, which he obtained after fighting one of the toughest monsters in the desert. It is a blunt weapon that can be shattered to reveal crafted, sharp blades within. The hide then naturally regenerates back into its blunt form.

“He can bludgeon the crap out of you,” said Reav3, who also highlighted that the entire city state of Nazumah is constantly impressed by his skills, hence his title.

What are K’Sante’s abilities?

Passive – Dauntless Instinct

  • K’Sante’s damaging abilities mark enemies hit for a short duration. Attacking a marked enemy consumes the mark to deal damage plus max health physical damage.
  • All Out: Attacking a marked enemy instead deals physical damage and additional max health true damage.

Q – Ntofo Strikes

  • K’Sante slams his weapon, dealing physical damage in a small area around him and briefly Slowing targets hit.
  • If an enemy is hit, K’Sante gains a stack for a short duration. At 2 stacks, K’Sante instead fires a shockwave that Pulls enemies
  • All Out: This ability’s cooldown is reduced and no longer slows targets hit.

W – Path Maker

  • Begin Charging: K’Sante raises his weapons defensively for a short duration, becoming Unstoppable, and reducing incoming damage.
  • Release: K’Sante rams forward, dealing a percentage of max health physical damage, Knocking Back, and Stunning enemies he passes through for a short duration based on charge time.
  • All Out: This ability’s cooldown is refreshed, the damage reduction is increased, it deals an additional amount of physical damage based on charge time, and the charge and dash speed are doubled.

E – Footwork

  • K’Sante dashes, gaining a shield for a short duration. If dashing to an ally, the distance is significantly increased and they are also Shielded. Other spells can be cast during this ability.
  • All Out: This ability’s dash speed is increased. Dashing to a targeted location has increased range and can go over walls.

R – All Out

  • K’Sante shatters his ntofos, dealing physical damage and Knocking Back an enemy champion. Enemies that hit a wall will take a greater amount of physical damage, are Knocked Back over the wall, and are briefly Stunned. K’Sante then dashes after the enemy and goes All Out for an extended duration.
  • All Out K’sante loses a percentage of max health, bonus armor, and bonus magic resistance. K’Sante gains attack damage, omnivamp, and transforms his abilities.

He will be released in League of Legends patch 12.21.

A total of four champions have been released this year so far, namely Zeri, Renata Glasc, Bel’Veth, and Nilah, who last came out in July 2022.

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