After T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok shared his frustrations about the state of the Korean ladder last week, Top Esports’ Qingtian was fined for unprofessional behavior after he was found to have been a negative influence in his games, and his Korean super account suspended until the end of the year.

Last night on his livestream, the 25-year-old superstar spoke out again, this time, about the inconsistencies of matchmaking after playing a very uneven game.

He admitted that if he wasn’t a pro player, he wouldn’t be playing on the ladder because it just isn’t fun.

Faker bemoans matchmaking in Korean solo queue ladder

“What’s wrong with the game quality? It feels like a Bronze versus Diamond tier game,” Faker said on stream after a game that his team lost. “If I wasn’t a professional player, I don’t think I would be playing solo queue because it’s no fun at all.”

This isn’t the first time he’s complained about the ladder. Last November, the mid laner claimed that the EUW ladder is better than the Korean ladder.

Although the Korean ladder is seen as the one with the highest quality, it seems pro players are not enjoying it as much. He’s also commented about the ladder being of low quality, and was unhappy with players not taking the game seriously enough.

Dopa thinks super accounts have inflated MMR

Others have chimed in as well, one of them being high level streamer Jeong “Dopa” Sang-gil, who voiced his issues with the ladder in a video he released yesterday, on March 16.

He noticed that Korean super accounts (that Chinese pros receive from Riot) start with high normal MMR, and by his estimations, they begin with at least 1500 LP Challenger MMR.

“Whenever Riot makes a super account, they’re making a new 1500 LP Challenger player,” Dopa said, according to a translation by Redditor yoonitrop12. “They’re filling up one of the Challenger spots, taking up space. There are a limited number of those, and whenever one is handed out, someone is knocked out of Challenger.”

Because of this inflation, super accounts can easily hit Challenger. Conversely, Dopa believes that if players with these accounts are stuck in Grandmaster or below, they don’t deserve to be in Challenger.

He also referenced Faker’s solo queue account, which is currently 612 LP. “You think that Faker’s rank represents his skill? Skill level and LP are no longer closely correlated,” he said.

You can check out the full translation here.

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