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Are you looking for a challenging turn-based strategy game that will test your mental acuity and strategic prowess? Look no further than HoYoverse’s Honkai Star Rail (HSR).

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Knowing your Honkai Star Rail elements is integral to defeating enemies and achieving victory. With a total of seven distinct elements, each possessing its own set of unique effects and properties, mastering their use is key to success in the game.

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In HSR, players are tasked with building a team of formidable characters, each with their own set of skills and abilities. By utilizing the elements strategically, players can unleash devastating attacks and synergize with their team members to create powerful combos. The seven Honkai Star Rail elements each have their own strengths and weaknesses that players must learn to navigate.

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Here’s everything you need to know about HSR’s elements, including their effects, properties, and the significance of Weakness Break.

All Honkai Star Rail elements: Full list, effects, weaknesses

Unlike Genshin Impact, elements in Honkai Star Rail don’t have a fixed weakness. An enemy’s weaknesses are indicated on top of its HP bar, and these change every single time. Because of this, players need to study their opponents carefully before attacking.

Honkai Star Rail elements and characters
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

Elements come into play when breaking an enemy’s toughness bar, the solid white line on top of its HP bar. Use attacks that match the elements associated with the enemy to efficiently take them down.

WindUsing Wind attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Wind DMG and apply the Wind Shear effect, dealing Wind DoT.
PhysicalUsing Physical attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Physical DMG and apply the Bleed effect, dealing Physical DoT.
FireUsing Fire attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Fire DMG and apply the Burn effect, dealing Fire DoT.
IceUsing Ice attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Ice DMG and Freeze the target, immobilizing the enemy and dealing Additional Ice DMG.
LightningUsing Lightning attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Lightning DMG and apply the Shock effect, dealing Lightning DoT.
QuantumUsing Quantum attacks to inflict Weakness Break will deal Quantum DMG and cause Entanglement, delaying the enemy’s action and dealing Additional Quantum DMG to the affected enemy at the start of the next turn. When the enemy is hit, this extra DMG will increase.
ImaginaryWhen using an Imaginary attack to inflict Weakness Break on target enemy, the attack will deal Imaginary DMG and additionally inflicts Imprisonment. Imprisoned enemies suffer from delayed actions and SPD reduction.

What is Weakness Break in Honkai Star Rail?

Doomsday Beast in Honkai Star Rail
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

Weakness Break happens when you deplete an opponent’s toughness bar. The element that you used to achieve it will give you a damage buff and a debuff.

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