New planet, new dreams (or nightmares?), new mechanics you’ll need to master.

Introducing Clockwork: Emo Tuning, a fun new way of solving problems that you’ll wish you could port into the real world.

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You’ll be first introduced to this mechanic during the main Penacony 2.0 quest line. It will occur during “Gentleness, the Name of Nocturne” where you’ll follow Firefly to the secret spot.

We explain how it works, what you need to do, and how to solve the first Emo Tuning puzzle.

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Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t played “Gentleness, the Name of Nocturne” that’s part of the main Penacony 2.0 quest line.

Everything you need to know about Honkai’s Star Rail Clockwork Emo Tuning mechanic

Clockie animated in full color, first encounter with Trailblazer in Penacony Dreamscape
Credit: HoYoverse, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

When you first meet Clockie, you quickly discover that Firefly can’t see him. You’re the only one who can, which is rather strange since everything should be homogenous in a dreamscape, no?

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Anyway, he describes himself as a “famous celebrity,” and hypothesizes that he’s only visible to those with “innocence, kindness, and honesty of a child.” What a burn to Firefly.

Claiming he’s a friend of Misha, he seeks your help to pull the porter out of trouble.

Trailblazer and Firefly follow Clockie to save Acheron and Misha in Gentleness, the Name of Nocturne quest
Credit: HoYoverse, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Walking round the corner, you see a bunch of thugs with their “lowlife” boss called Stone intimidating Acheron and Misha.

According to Clockie, Stone had instructed his men to “wreak havoc” in the Dreamscape, taking away people’s positive emotions, replacing them with anxiety and disputes.

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To counter the situation, he merges with your mind, unlocking a new mechanic “Clockwork” that you can now use on certain NPCs.

Use Clockwork Emo Tuning on gangster boss in Penacony Dreamscape
Credit: HoYoverse, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Click on either of the arrows to browse through available moods. It tells you that the boss is currently Angry, and you have the option change his emotional state to Calm, Sad, or Happy.

In this case, we chose Happy, which caused him to view everyone around him as distinguished guests. Immediately, the problem was solved, and the gang walked away.

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