Honkai Star Rail’s Penacony characters are breaking the internet with their unique designs and standout personalities.

Acheron of the Galaxy Rangers faction was first teased during The Game Awards 2023, showing her arrival on the Planet of Festivities.

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If you’re curious about Acheron and all the other characters in version 2.0 and beyond, here is a complete list of all Penacony characters in Honkai Star Rail.

Full list of Penacony characters in Honkai Star Rail

  • Acheron
  • Aventurone
  • Black Swan
  • Firefly
  • Gallagher
  • Misha
  • Robin
  • Sparkle
  • Sunday


Penacony characters featuring Acheron in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: Allegra Clark (EN), Juhuahua (CN), Sawashiro Miyuki (JP), Park Ji-yoon (KR)

Seele of Penacony? No, that’s Acheron!

Acheron is a travelling swordsman of the Galaxy Rangers, a group walking the path of The Hunt who believes in upholding justice for local citizens from one planet to another.


Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: Camden Sutkowski (EN), Yang Chaoran (CN), Kawanishi Kengo (JP), Lee Joo-seung (KR)

If you’re looking to collect the Interastral Peace Corporation’s 10 Stonehearts, then you need to add this gem to your collection.

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After Topaz and Numby comes their colleague Aventurine, a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department.

A gambler by nature, he views life as a high-stakes, high-return investment.

Black Swan

Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: Arryn Zech (EN), Yang Menglu (CN), Nabatame Hitomi (JP), Kim Ha-young (KR)

Similar to Acheron, we first got a glimpse of the mysterious 5-star character Black Swan in the TGA 2023 candidacy video.

She is a Memokeeper of the Garden of Recollection, a faction that worships the Aeon Fuli of the Remembrance path.

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She can see the future through her crystal ball, and also has a fondness for collecting unique memories.


Firefly in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: Analesa Fisher (EN), Song Yuanyuan (CN), Kusunoki Tomori (JP), Yu Hye-ji (KR)

Firefly is a non-playable character (NPC) in Honkai Star Rail 2.0. She serves as Trailblazer’s guide in exploring Penacony, as seen in snippets from “The Great Tatalov” preview video.

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She descends from Iris Family, and is one of the Penacony characters that fans wish would become playable in the game soon.


Gallagher in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: Erik Braa (EN), Ma Yufei (CN), Mikami Satoshi (JP), Park Sang-hoon (KR)

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 introduces Gallagher, one of the Penacony characters native to the planet. He is a security officer of the Bloodhound Family at Penacony.

In his free time, he likes to mix beverages.


Misha in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: Cat Protano (EN), Liu Zhixiao (CN), Matsui Eriko (JP), Bak Sin Hee (KR)

Misha is a hardworking bellboy at The Reverie Hotel in Penacony. He aspires to become an intergalactic adventurer someday just like his grandfather.

In his leisure time, he likes to chat and gossip with hotel guests about intergalactic rumors.

Robin and Sunday

Honkai Star Rail characters Sunday and Robin in Penacony teaser
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: TBC

Robin is an NPC of Halovian descent. These creatures are known for their angelic appearance, accompanied by a pair of wings on their backs and halos on top of their heads. Robin is a performer scheduled to open the Charmony festival in Penacony.

Similar to Robin, Sunday also hails from the Halovian species. He is the organizer of the Charmony festival and a representative of The Family in Penacony.


Sparkle in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: HoYoverse

Voice actors: Lizzie Freeman (EN), Zhao Shuang (CN), Ueda Reina (JP), Seong Ye-won (KR)

Sparkle is a member of Masked Fools, an intergalactic organization devoted to Aha the Elation.

In her character introduction, she mentioned her desire to join Genius Society, an organization of geniuses in the cosmos.

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