Chinese video game company miHoYo (which has since rebranded to HoYoverse) has been grossing millions of dollars every year from their popular gacha game, Genshin Impact.

Making a fortune, the company recently invested in private rocket company Orienspace.

Orien Space Shandong Technology is a startup space launch company founded in 2020. The firm aims to launch a series of rockets into space, starting with their Gravity-1 (Yinli-1) rocket in 2023.

MiHoYo funds new Chinese rocket company Orienspace

MiHoYo invests in Orienspace
Credit: Orienspace

Tech Otakus Save the World take off to space as the popular video game developer sponsors Orienspace in the private rocket company’s Series A financing round, which earned US$59 million.

Other investors include Hike Capital, a venture capital, investment firm Minyin International, and other multinational financial companies.

The developer generates an average of US$1 billion every six months across the App Store and Google Play stores, all thanks to their highly addictive action role-playing game game, Genshin Impact. In 2022, the open-world title alone amassed a whopping US$3 billion in mobile sales.

Previously, the Shanghai-based company led the first financing round of Energy Singularity, contributing US$65 million to the nuclear fusion technology company.

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