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It’s 3:50 a.m.

You’re cramming your Genshin Impact Daily Commission tasks.

As soon as you’re done, you head over to the nearest Adventurers’ Guild to be greeted by the cheerful Katheryne.

Sumeru City Themed Series Character Stand - Wanderer
Credit: HoYoverse
VIEW PRICE: Sumeru City Themed Series Character Stand – Wanderer

“Ad astra abyssosque! Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild,” she says. 

Have you ever wondered what is Genshin Impact’s Ad astra abyssosque meaning, origins, and translation? We’re curious to know too, and did some digging.

Ad Astra Abyssosque meaning 

Ad astra abyssosque meaning in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

In Genshin Impact, the Adventurers’ Guild’s receptionist Katheryne greets you with the phrase “Ad astra abyssosque” every time you interact with the non-playable character (NPC). 

GENSHIN IMPACT Battlefield Valor Themed Series Blind Box (Liyue)
Credit: HoYoverse
VIEW PRICE: Genshin Impact Battlefield Valor Themed Series Blind Box (Liyue)

This welcome greeting is in Latin, and it means “To the Stars and the Abyss.” 

Ad Astra Abyssosque in English, Japanese, and other languages in Genshin

English/Latin Ad astra abyssosque 
Japanese 星と深淵を目指せ (Hoshi to shinen wo mezase) 
Chinese 向着星辰与深渊 (Xiàngzhe xīngchén yǔ shēnyuān) 
Korean 별과 심연의 여행 (byeolgwa sim-yeon-ui yeohaeng) 

The Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque teapot set  

The Iter Ad Astra AByssosque furnishing set from Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

A Serenitea Pot outdoor set bears a similar name which favors the characters Bennett, Qiqi, Chongyun, Fischl, Albedo, and Aloy.

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Here are the required furnishings to complete the Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque teapot set. 

Deadwood Road Sign 
Simple Single-Person Tent 
Lightning Protective Tent 
“The Adventurer’s Burdens” 
“Brightcrown Plumebush” 
“Scholar’s Weariness” 
Tianheng Red Maple: Branches Aflame 
Hazel Wildvest 
“Dainty Fists” 
“The Adventurer’s Treasures” 

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