Zowie has been a major player in the esports and gaming space for longer than most, and they’re still looking to push the limits.

The peripheral company recently hosted a private event in Los Angeles, California from the Sentinels headquarters where they invited the VCT Madrid champions Valorant roster and other influencers such as Kyedae “Kyedae” Shymko to try out its new offerings.

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We were lucky enough to also receive an invite. After a brief presentation on the products being shown, all attendees were given a chance at some hands-on testing.

Zowie VIP event gives hands-on experience with new mouse, 540hz monitor, and more at Sentinels HQ

Sentinels headquarters trophy wall
Credit: ONE Esports

The main gear being shown off was the new wireless Zowie U2 and the ZOWIE XL2586X 540hz monitor. I’ll be the first to say it, neither of them disappointed during my time with them.

Attendees were able to test all the equipment together in a 2v2 setup in addition to experimenting with a setup dedicated to aim practice tool aimlabs.

Credit: BenQ

There was also a station setup for a complete presentation on the new mouse and the wireless technology and adapters being used to ensure the best possible connection.

Overall, the monitor was the smoothest I’ve ever played on. I play on a 240hz at home, and not a Zowie model, and I can confidently say I felt the difference.

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When it comes to the U2, it felt great. It was light, smooth on the skates, and wireless. The three things I love the most!

Zowie U2 mouse presentation
Credit: ONE Esports

While experiencing the gear and event, I heard only positive remarks coming from members of the Sentinels team and others after they got in some time with the new products.

Getting the opportunity to try out gear in a real gaming environment before purchasing and providing feedback to the company directly is unique and something I’m sure we all wish we could do before throwing down cash.

Add in getting to do it alongside popular creators, world champions, professional players, and free food and all around Zowie has done a great job building the hype around their new gear. Oh, and catering.

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