Updated on February 3, 7:15 a.m. (GMT+8): Added Secretlab partnership.

Bleed Esports has recently announced four significant partnership deals at the outset of 2024. 

The organization’s official press release revealed collaborations with industry leaders Zowie, Kick, and eNDX. This move is part of Bleed’s strategic efforts to enhance its position as an elite esports organization at both domestic and global scales.

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The partnerships are anticipated to play a crucial role in shaping Bleed’s trajectory and influence within the esports community in the coming year.

Bleed Esports announces partnerships with Zowie, Kick, eNDX, and Secretlab

Bleed Esports partnership announcement with Zowie
Credit: Bleed Esports

Bleed’s collaboration with ZOWIE, a leading monitor brand in the FPS gaming space, focuses on providing top-tier monitors to Bleed’s players for peak performance.

Head of Sales and Partnerships, Nikola Lipovac, emphasized the commitment to excellence and ensuring players have the best equipment.

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The partnership includes an exclusive content series offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at the team’s best moments.

Bleed Esports partnership announcement with Kick
Credit: Bleed Esports

Kick, a rapidly growing streaming service known for hosting top-tier streamers, will provide the organization with a state-of-the-art streaming platform, showcasing gameplay to a global audience.

Notably, Kick’s groundbreaking revenue model offers enhanced monetization for creators, surpassing other major streaming services. 

Bleed Esports partnership announcement with eNDX
Credit: Bleed Esports

Counter-Strike fantasy platform, eNDX, was highlighted by Nikola Lipovac as a logical step into the CS scene given the platform’s growth.

eNDX’s Head of Marketing, John Pritchard, talked about the collaboration’s goal of pushing the boundaries in esports, creating a safer and more engaging environment for supporters, and contributing to industry growth.

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eNDX revolutionizes fantasy gaming with a unique marketplace for in-game fantasy “shares.” These shares, linked to elite professional teams in Counter-Strike 2, can be traded based on real-time market dynamics, akin to a stock market, providing an innovative and engaging fantasy gaming experience.

Zowie and Kick will prominently appear on Bleed’s social media platforms and official jerseys.

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Embracing a legacy of successful esports collaborations, Bleed’s strategic alliances with Zowie, Kick, and eNDX signify a pivotal leap forward in defining industry benchmarks.

Bleed Esports partnership announcement with Secretlab
Credit: Bleed Esports

Hailing from the vibrant gaming hub of Singapore, the fourth addition to Bleed’s esteemed lineup of partners is Secretlab, a renowned pioneer in ergonomic chair excellence. With a commitment to crafting gaming seats that prioritize comfort, Secretlab strengthens Bleed’s dedication to providing top-tier equipment.

These partnerships underscore Bleed’s commitment to providing its players with cutting-edge equipment and its audience with unparalleled content. They also highlight the organization’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of esports engagement. 

As Zowie, Kick, eNDX, and Secretlab join forces with Bleed, the collective impact is poised to reshape the gaming landscape, setting new standards and contributing to the dynamic growth of the esports industry.

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