Just in case you thought the meme was dead, Rick and Morty’s Pickle Rick has come back to life in the form of an operator skin in the FPS game, Rainbow Six Siege.

And if you have no idea what Pickle Rick is, just watch this:

Rainbox Six’s Pickle Rick Smoke skin perfectly captures Rick’s exo-suit made up of sewer rat carcasses.

Aside from the graphical detail on the hairy and muscular appendages, R6 also gets Rick’s gas helmet on point, using bottle caps and a thimble for the lenses and the filter.

The Pickle Rick Smoke bundle will also be released with a more sleek set inspired by the alien insectoid race of Gromflomites. The Gromflomite Sledge dons black military gear with pink outlines to match with the Gromflomite-styled helmet.

The Pickle Rick Smoke and Gromflomite Sledge bundles will be available on April 17.

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