Steam users will be able to jump into Sanctuary and fight against the minions of Hell when the next big update puts Diablo 4 on Steam.

The popular action roleplaying game has been exclusive to as a Blizzard title since it’s release back on June 6.

Season of Blood launches with Diablo 4 on Steam

Diablo 4 Druid
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The official launch of Diablo 4 on Steam will come with the release of season two, Season of Blood.

The Steam version will have many of the same features, including full crossplay, allowing you to swap platforms and consoles and maintain your progression.

The one caveat is that those who want to play on Steam but already have the game on will need to purchase the game again. This will definitely turn off plenty of players, and be a sore spot in the announcement.

Outside of that, there was tons of information in the latest Diablo 4 developer stream in terms of improvements, things to come, and much more.

Steam users can already see Diablo 4 on the Steam store, however, there are no purchase options as of now.

Season of Blood officially launches on October 17, so those who want to jump in on Steam should expect to be able to be in by that point.

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